Yao Beina’s breast cancer was found to be in the early stage, and it has been cured after treatment. Why did she still die?

“I’m a fish who can’t understand your words, silently breathes in the water, reluctant to close my eyes…”

In 2014, Yao Beina sang “Fish” in the rehearsal of the music reality show “Hi Song”. The song tells about a fish’s hard pursuit of feelings in the vast sea. The melody and artistic conception can be said to only lock the heart and make people cry.

It is such a girl who has sung countless families in a short life, and her voice will always remain In this world. “A girl who loves to sing, a girl who sings with her life”, Yao Beina’s epitaph is a true portrayal of her short life, but ended her life because of breast cancer.


What is breast cancer?

In recent years, the number of women suffering from breast cancer in my country has been increasing. Among them, the one with the highest incidence rate of female cancer is relatively higher than colon cancer, thyroid cancer, lung cancer, etc.

Especially in the Beijing area, 22.5% of women suffer from breast cancer. The 5-year survival rate reaches 84.37%. Experts even say that more than half of breast cancer patients are young and middle-aged women under the age of 50.

So we should raise health awareness and actively prevent breast cancer. Among the many people, Yao Beina is just one of them.


Yao Beina’s breast cancer was found to be in the early stage, and it has been cured after treatment. Why is she still died?

I have to admit that he is a very good singer. I have sung many well-known songs for everyone in the past few years, but fate has confirmed the old saying that women are poor, and Yao Beina was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, even in the early stage, there was no spread and metastasis.

Received surgical treatment, and was confirmed to have reached the standard of Quanyu through medical certification, but no one thought of his The condition recurs.

Why does Yao Beina’s breast cancer recur?

In fact, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Yao Beina was in the rising stage of her career, and all her energy was put on singing. She was very tired every day, and even forgot to check up. In this way, breast cancer cells unknowingly strengthened themselves, and over time As time went on, the condition worsened, and it was diagnosed in detail that the breast cancer cells in the body had transferred to the brain and lungs, and the condition was critical.

The doctor’s suggestion was to have chemotherapy immediately, but at that time I was too devoted to my career, so I refused chemotherapy and chose Running towards the career I love, this time I failed to actively cooperate with the treatment, and the tumor metastasized again, so the disease developed relatively quickly, and finally died of a recurrence of the disease only three years after the operation.


The hazards of breast hyperplasia are as follows

Excessive growth in breast cancer patients

Breast cancer patients The growth rate is too fast, which is the most harmful to women’s health. It has been listed as the No. 1 killer of women’s health. At present, about 1.2 million women in the world are diagnosed with breast cancer, and the annual incidence rate is rising at a rate of 5% to 20%. There are 100,000 new cases.

Mammary gland hyperplasia The risk of malignant transformation is 2-4 times higher than that of normal women

Clinical symptoms and body weight sometimes It will be confused with breast cancer, but the clinical symptoms are mainly breast lumps and pain, which are usually aggravated before menstruation and relieved after menstruation. Because a small part of breast hyperplasia is equally serious, it may develop into breast cancer in the future, so many people think This is the biggest hazard of breast hyperplasia.

The law of life is forced to be upside down< /p>

Patients with breast hyperplasia often have obvious emotional instability, anger, nervousness, anger, anxiety, depression, etc., plus the rhythm of life is forced to be reversed and disordered The body’s immune function is deteriorating due to fatigue, and the part of the breast is painful due to emotional changes.

Treatment Improper and easy to spread The average pre-tumor hidden stage is 12 years. Once it occurs, it can spread through local expansion, lymphatic spread, blood type spread and so on.

If breast cancer is not treated or the treatment is ineffective, other parts of the human body will be threatened, and various diseases Prevention is better than cure. Regular physical examination is usually required. If abnormalities are found, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.