Xu Li and the cruiser Chongqing

At dawn on February 25, 1949, the cruiser Chongqing of the Kuomintang moored on the sea outside Wusongkou, Shanghai, quietly anchored, sailed at high speed to the Northeast Liberated Area, and announced the uprising. All of a sudden, public opinion was in an uproar. As the trump card in the hands of the Kuomintang, the announcement of the uprising by the “Chongqing” undoubtedly dealt a sudden blow to the crumbling Kuomintang regime at that time.

Xu Li, who has lived in Yidu for 59 years, is a native of Baxian County, Hebei Province. In 1946, he was sent to study at a British naval school and received the British cruiser Chongqing. On February 25, 1949, Xu Li participated in the Chongqing Ship Uprising, and participated in the initial naval construction after the founding of New China. As an ordinary quartermaster, Xu Li once reviewed the situation before and after the “Chongqing” uprising and the construction of the navy in the early days of New China. Time flies. In this issue, by sorting out Xu Li’s memoirs, we can relive the sincere enthusiasm of our ancestors in building the navy.

Written in this issue: Zhao Yuanjian