Yale University research proves: Leonardo da Vinci and Edison are very suitable for being surgeons!

#Gu Ailing’s MBTI is actually an INTJ,

# After watching “The Legend of Zhen Huan” for so long, I realized that Zhen Huan is an INFJ,

Are #ENTJs really born leaders


Several hot searches show “MBTI 16 Personality Tests” is really popular, and even many Fortune 500 companies require employees to take the MBTI professional personality test before joining the company , to monitor the fit of the employee with the position.

Even if someone doesn’t know the MBTI personality test, surfing often sees young netizens discussing four seemingly “unrelated” letters. Yes, they are most likely discussing the results of 16 personality tests.

It’s already 2022, and it’s really outdated if you are still talking about the horoscope! If you’re trying to join a young man’s chat, remember that when you introduce yourself, don’t say you’re a “Leo,” but say “I’m an ENFJ,” and they’ll happily accept you. Remembering a friend’s MBTI has become a new social etiquette.

Image source: Zhihu (if offended, please lightly spray)

Actually, the MBTI 16 Personality Test is an “old Internet celebrity”, but it has become very popular in China in recent years, and even the “MBTI” topic on Sina Weibo has been read a surprising number of times Reached 2.49 billion! MBTI, what exactly is sacred?

MBTI stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and was developed by American author Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother Katharine Cook Briggs, a personality test co-developed in the 1940s based on the theory of Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. (The reason why MBTI is called an “old” Internet celebrity is also because it has a history of nearly 80 years!)

Specifically, the MBTI Sixteen Personality Test is a self-report personality assessment tool used to measure and describe people’s psychology in obtaining information, making decisions, and dealing with life. Activity patterns and manifestations of different personality types. The test divides personality into 16 categories from 4 dimensions.

Source: Baidu Encyclopedia

Different initials are combined to form a class of personality traits, which make up 16 personality types. Taking Gu Ailing’s INTJ as an example, the above table shows that she is an I (introvert)-N (intuition)-T (thinking)-J (judging).

“I’ve always said that I’m an introvert, and everyone on the Internet doesn’t believe it, but my MBTI is INTJ.” In an interview, Gu Ailing shocked everyone when she announced her MBTI results.

MBTI sixteen personality test results

In fact, INTJs are also known as “architect personalities” and are officially described as imaginative and strategic strategists. This personality is said to be one of the least numerous but most strategically capable personality types, making up only 2% of the population, with women even rarer at 0.8%.

In addition to Gu Ailing, the Plato, Marx, oh, and Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory are all INTJs.

INTJ diagram source: Zhihu

Interesting, isn’t it? More interesting is yet to come!

Have you ever wondered whether the sixteen MBTI personality test, as a widely used professional personality test, can also be used in hospitals? What personality traits are more suitable for being a surgeon? Are the MBTI results of doctors in different departments oriented? There are really scholars who have carried out such research!

Researchers from Yale University School of Medicine assess MBTI personality among surgeonsThe correlation between test results and risk tolerance has really found some clues! Perhaps an ENTP on a personality test has an “innate advantage” to being a successful surgeon. The findings were published in the Journal of Surgical Education.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jsurg.2013.07.014

In the trial, surgeons were asked to take the MBTI personality test and complete Physicians’ Reactions to Uncertainty (PRU) and Physician Risk Attitude (PRA) Two questionnaires were used to assess their risk tolerance.

Interesting results:

①Surgeons with T (thinking) in their personality were more likely to have a “poor outcome” on the PRU scale than those with F (affecting). “has a higher tolerance;

②Surgeons with E (extroverted) in their personality were more likely to be less likely to be less likely to be more likely to be less likely than those with I (introverted) in the PRU scale. have a higher risk tolerance for admitting their mistakes to other doctors;

③Surgeons with P (perception) in their personality performed better on the PRA scale than those with J (judgment). High risk tolerance.

PRA scale

Data from this study showed that physicians with the highest risk tolerance tended to exhibit personality types E (extroverted), T (thinking), and P (perceiving), with I in the personality , F, J doctors may have a weak tolerance for risk.

In other words, if your personality contains E, T, P, such as ENTP or ESTP, there is no doubt that you are a surgeon! It turns out that if Mark Twain, Leonardo da Vinci, and Edison, who were ENTPs, had studied medicine in those years, they would have become famous “surgeons” in the history of the world. As an INFJ, it is fortunate that I did not go to surgery. , otherwise I’m afraid there will be one more “quack doctor” ()

In addition, studies have shown that there are more ISTJs among dentists, more than 50% according to incomplete statistics; among anesthesiologists, ES in personality tend to have higher performance than IN Scoring; a survey of medical students showed that ESFP was the most common personality type, in addition, ESFP preferred surgery, ESTJ preferred internal medicine, ESFJ preferred gynecology, ISFJ preferred pediatrics, ISTP preferred cardiology…

Of course, the sample size of the above research is small, it is only for reference (yu) test (le), and it is not enough to be a basis for career selection. However, let’s test your own MBTI 16 personality tests together, which also adds a “bragging” capital~


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