“Xinglin Micro Popularization” experts tell you how to prevent diabetic foot?

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. People cannot live without a pair of healthy feet in their daily life. However, a diabetic patient accidentally washes his feet and burns them, and a pair of shoes A peeled skin, a small wound can develop into a long-lasting ulcer, or even amputation. It’s not that the lady is scaring you, it’s a symptom of diabetic foot. Do you really understand?

diabetic foot refers to a patient with diabetes due to < span>Distal nerve abnormalities of lower extremitiesand vasculopathy of varying degrees< span>, resulting infoot infections, ulcers, or deep tissue destruction.

Most diabetic foot patients will have early stage< span>Symptoms such as dryness, darkening, poor elasticity, hypothermia, numbness, hypoesthesia or absence of lower extremity skin< span>.

diabetic foot usually occurs gangrenebasicallyamputation.

Severe cases can develop into Sepsis, even leading to septic shock, Only amputation can save lives.

Due to the inability to cure diabetic foot, the Early prevention means a lot.

especiallylong history of diabetes , Have other diabetes complications, History of foot ulcers, foot deformityor < /span>Calluses on feet, corns diabetics.

First,actively control blood sugar , can fundamentally reduce the risk of diabetic foot.

Secondly, it should start with Wash your feet in warm water and check your feet and between your toes for blisters< /strong>, Scratchesorlesions , do not cut the skin when cutting your nails. You should also choose suitable shoes and socks, and carefully check whether there are foreign objects in the shoes before wearing them.

Finally, as early as possible and Regularly report foot problems to your doctor, and get medical attention early if you have a foot injury or infection.

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