Xiehe Xing’s original plan | Staying up late to watch dramas and play on mobile phones, Doctor Xiehe reminded, beware of “overwork”

During the holiday, if there is no travel plan, many people choose to stay at home to watch dramas, watch variety shows and play games, but the “Association” Shouguang Science Popularization Team of Peking Union Medical College Hospital reminds you not to forget In order to let the eyes “touch the fish”, otherwise it is easy to cause “overworked” eyes, causing dry eye syndrome and so on.

When do you need to rest your eyes?

Like walking too much, the legs will be sore, and the arms will hurt when carrying too many things, long-term, high-intensity close-up eye use will also cause eye fatigue, mainly It is manifested as sore eyes, eye pain, swelling and pain around the eyes, heavy eyelids, and inability to see near places for a long time. In severe cases, headache, dizziness, nausea, inability to concentrate, and memory loss may occur..

In addition to using the eyes at close range for a long time, extensive use of electronic screens also reduces the natural blink rate, aggravating symptoms such as dry eyes and astringent eyes. . If you add stress, anxiety and poor sleep during eye use, it may further aggravate the above symptoms. Therefore, if the above phenomenon occurs, you need to consider taking a break to relax your eyes.

How to make the eyes “fish”?

The first thing to do is to reduce the length of continuous eye use at close range, especially to reduce unnecessary close eye use. The so-called close-up use of eyes refers to activities such as reading books, mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Maybe because of the holiday, many people are “immersed” in watching TV shows, watching variety shows and playing games. At this time, it is necessary to take 20:20: The 20-eye rule, that is, every 20 minutes with your eyes at close range, look at a place 20 feet (that is, about 6 meters away) for at least 20 seconds, let your eyes “feel the fish”!

Blink training to relieve visual fatigue symptoms such as dry eyes. Close your eyes gently for 5-8 seconds, then close your eyes with a little effort, count “1, 2” in your mind, and open your eyes again, Repeat 5-8 times as one Group. You can do 3-4 sets a day or relax at any time when your eyes are dry and tired.

Hot compresses are also great for relieving eye and eye fatigue. Soak a clean towel in lukewarm water (slightly warmer than normal bath water) , after gently wringing dry, cover the towel on the closed eyelids, you can use two towels alternately, 5-10 minutes of hot compress each time.

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