Xianning City held the “Love in Fragrant City” dating event, more than 100 young men and women “fun” to find happiness

Xianning Net News reporters Nie Yingying and Liu Nian reported: On the evening of August 2, when the traditional Chinese festival Qixi Festival was approaching, “our festival, Qixi Festival–Love in Xiangcheng” Fun ‘Finding Happiness Youth Friendship Activity’ was held at the Municipal Cultural Center. More than 100 young men and women from municipal organs and enterprises and institutions in Xian were looking for love and friendship through fun games while experiencing the traditional festival culture of the Chinese nation.

On that day, the event kicked off with a warm opening recital, and the program was diverse and exciting. Representatives of civilized families share family stories and promote the correct concept of marriage and love. In the relaxing and interesting interactive games such as classic ancient poems, begging for skill and threading needles, guessing songs and recognizing songs, young men and women cooperated with each other, cooperated tacitly, shortened the distance between each other, and the scene was full of laughter.

In the exchange of sachets, the male and female guests presented the sachets to their favorite people, and added WeChat friends to each other for easy reception. Scroll down to learn more. A total of 9 young men and women successfully held hands at the scene.

This event was jointly sponsored by the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Women’s Federation, the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, and the Municipal Fire Rescue Detachment. Married young people solve the problem of marriage and love, and carry forward the traditional festival culture of the Chinese nation.

It is understood that in order to solve the problem of marriage and love among young people who are ready for marriage, the Municipal Women’s Federation has adopted “find out a base, make a real activity carrier, and form a team. Matchmaking team, building a group of WeChat communities, and cultivating a new style of marriage and love” have five major measures to create the “Love in the Fragrant City” dating event. The “Love in the Fragrant City” dating event has been carried out on the traditional Qixi Festival for three consecutive years.

[Source: Xianning News Network]

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