Post-95 Literature | Footnotes of Hometown (Group Poems)

ears of rice

the golden wind blows past the fragrance of rice

cascading clouds look down on the world

earthworms, leeches and The centipede crawled in the dirt

cutting the ear of rice with a sickle, its naked body

the body in the wind pointed to the sky

For many years, we have been bending over I forgot to look up

This is a village salute to the land


Footnote of Hometown

Counting the Breeze and Bright Moon

The inexhaustible dust falls

The flute is melodious and swaying The melody of memory

Tonight, the lights of thousands of homes rise

The local accents on the phone converge into a secret language

The baby name of my childhood rings thousands of miles away

Hearing this, I can’t help covering my face and crying

Waiting to condense into a fixed posture by accident

The view when parting is bowed

Your eyes are facing south

The day when the geese flew south

Open the notes of the years, the dense text

full of nostalgic footnotes< /p>


Time in the teeth

Grandma pulled out a bad tooth with her own hands

The pain opened a hole in it

There is nothing that is not smoothed out by time

Our collection The old days are left to myself after many years

Ten years ago I was looking for a baby tooth in the grass

grandma asked me to throw it into the tile roof behind the house

Never knew the origin of this secret

Now I really want to climb on the roof and look it over

Take out that good tooth for grandma

childhood wind churning With a never-ending wave

The source of suffering is like the erosion of a tooth

She heard the voice passing through the hall in her old age

———— ———————————————

A gust of wind blows

A spring breeze blows and the hillside becomes green again


I hope to stay in the field

I leave early and come back late, the blue silk on my grandpa’s head has turned into white hair

The summer wind brings the smell of soil

< p>Bring me home by the way

Many years ago, rooted in the field

I was a child covered in dirt

——— —————————————————

Walking towards you in the rain

Holding an umbrella, walking towards you in the rain


At this moment, the hibiscus is splashing wet in the rain

< p>The face that grows into a cardamom girl

You are in the rain, and the childish face of a child is distressing, and the soles of the feet are slapped with rain

It is like time soothing and moist My heart

The shadow of the light appears three-dimensionally on your face

The rain of time will eventually forge you into iron

I hand you a piece of rain The sky

you run into the vaster rain

light, with silence

Source: China Youth Daily client