Women’s clothing dyes are toxic and can cause cancer after skin absorption, and the proportion of women suffering from cancer increases or is related to it

CCTV reported that the results of a random inspection by the State Administration for Market Regulation showed that the fashionable women’s clothing produced by a clothing factory in Shenzhen contained benzidine, which is a carcinogenic aromatic amine dye. If the residual content on the clothing exceeds the standard , may enter the human body through the skin, and even lead to mutations in human DNA, leading to malignant tumors.

Nowadays, the incidence of many malignant diseases in women exceeds that in men, and it is difficult to find answers from conventional carcinogenic factors, such as kitchen fumes. The kitchen environment is much better than before. It is said that women’s cooking causes cancer It is unreasonable. Why do women have a higher proportion of cancer? In addition to women’s poorer resistance to external carcinogens, it is also one of the important reasons why women are exposed to more carcinogenic factors in life. They like to eat heavy-tasting food, wear complex clothes, and do hair and nail manicures. These scenes are all scenes where people are exposed to more carcinogens. Relatively speaking, men are less likely to be exposed to cancer-causing chemicals.

This random inspection found that carcinogens exceeding the standard are not an isolated phenomenon. The probability of random inspection of these clothes that can be traced to the source is relatively low, and some clothes of unknown origin or non-brand clothes contain excessive carcinogens. The probability is greater and the population affected is greater, such a phenomenon needs to be paid attention to by the relevant departments.