Women hint at your 8 “signals”! How many can you understand?

Sometimes men don’t understand that listening to a woman makes her unhappy, and she can’t think of a reason for scratching her head.

For men with high emotional intelligence, this is a good thing. For straight men of steel, they think that this is a woman deliberately finding fault, which is hypocritical and unreasonable.

I have to say that a woman is a strange creature that can make a man charge forward and make a man miserable. A woman in love , the temper is like the weather is cloudy and cloudy, when you are happy, flowers bloom, and it may be cloudy in an instant.

Look at these 8 hints, do you usually understand them correctly? !

1. The woman hints, yes:

The woman said yes Yes, let the man secretly have fun, okay, it represents the recognition of the man.

2. The woman hints that you are busy:

The woman says you are busy, it seems like a guest Being polite and considerate to a man is actually implying that she will not accompany you anymore, reject you or end the relationship with you.

3. Women imply, big fool hats:

Women say men big fool hats , the meaning is not to say that men are really stupid, it is a reproach to men, but a sincere concern for men.

4. Women imply pigs:

Women say men are pigs, men should not think that women are scolding him, they should be happy , which means that women like him.

5. The woman hints that trouble:

The woman said trouble is not It’s really troublesome, but she is actually acting like a baby to the man, and the man needs to understand the meaning.

6. The woman hints, okay:

The woman said yes Well, the meaning is indeed good, but this goodness is barely good.

7. Women imply that in busy?

Did the woman say she was busy?

Even if the man is really busy, he still has to take time to accompany her, because this is because the woman is thinking about him, and use a tentative tone to let the man understand the deep affection.

8. The woman hints that she is very upset:

The woman says she is very upset, but in fact she may not be upset. What she meant was to let men pay attention to her and coax her.

Men understand the above eight hints of women, and believe that they will get twice the result with half the effort on the journey of love.