Witnessing Cases——A wonderful review of Guangxi Comfortable Medical Case Seminar (Phase 2)

April 26 Evening of Medical Cases, “Witness Cases” — Guangxi Medical Case Seminar (Phase 2) was successfully held online. Experts from Guangxi Department of Anesthesiology gathered in the cloud to bring rich experience in comfortable diagnosis and treatment of remazolam besylate.

Professor Liu Jingchen of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University and Professor Xie Yubo of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University were invited as the chairman of the conference; Xie Yubo of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University Professors gave wonderful lectures. Professor Chen Jing from the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University and Dr. Wei Ning from the Third People’s Hospital of Hechi City shared cases; span>Professor Wang Yongwang of the Affiliated Hospital of Guilin Medical College,Professor Li Fujun of Ruikang Hospital Affiliated to Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine,Professor Li Shiye of Hezhou People’s Hospital,Professor Jiang Jun of Liuzhou Liutie Central Hospital, Hechi Professor Wei Shanshan from the Third People’s Hospital of the City, everyone actively discussed hot issues and provided valuable expert experience. Mr. Liu Feng, Assistant President of Yichang Renfu Pharmaceutical, attended and delivered a speech.

Opening Remarks

Professor Liu Jingchen: With the improvement of people’s living standards, the people expect that the entire medical process from examination to treatment can be completed in a painless manner. Comfortable medical care has become a new trend in medical services. Currently, sedative drugs commonly used in clinical practice have their own strengths and weaknesses. In the field of medicines, Yichang Renfu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. launched a new benzodiazepine sedative drug remazolam besylate in 2020, which belongs to the 1.1st class of new chemical drugs, providing a new choice for clinical sedative drugs. The online seminar held today is also to promote our anesthesiologists’ understanding of the clinical application of remazolam besylate, to better serve patients, and to facilitate comfortable diagnosis and treatment.

Mr. Liu Feng:Remazolam besylate is a class 1.1 new drug launched in 2020. Remazolam besylate and the company’s other midazolam oral solution for pediatric sedation were included in the “National Medical Insurance List”. . At the same time, general anesthesia induction and maintenance indications were approved in April this year. The indications for sedation in bronchoscopy for diagnosis and treatment are expected to be approved in December 2022. With the guidance and help of experts, remazolam besylate is effective in painless endoscopic examination of patients, painless bronchoscopy diagnosis and treatment, etc. It has accumulated some experience and research results, providing valuable experience for other provinces and hospitals across the country.

Face to face with experts

Speaker:Professor Xie Yubo p>

Title:“Protective Effects of Remazolam on Cerebral Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury”

Content Summary

The problem of cerebral protection for anesthesiologists during perioperative period is always

Speaker:Professor Chen Jing >Topic:Application of Remazolam in Bronchoscopy of Mediastinal Tumors

Content Summary

Remazolam in mediastinal tumor patients undergoing anesthesia with bronchoscopy The protocol is: ① Remifentanil TCI 2.0ng/ml + remazolam 1mg iv, topical anesthesia in the air intake tube of bronchoscopy, 3min interval 1mg iv + remazolam 0.2mg/kg/h intravenous pump + ground Dexamethasone 10mg iv. ② There was no nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache and suffocation. Compared with the previous two times of bronchoscopy under local anesthesia, the patient was more comfortable, and he was more cheerful and more energetic.

Speaker:Dr. Weining >Title:The Application of Remazolam in Painless Endoscopy in Elderly Patients

Content Summary

The anesthesia scheme of remazolam for painless endoscopic examination in elderly patients is: After 5 μg of fentanyl iv + 1 min, slow intravenous injection of remazolam 8 mg + additional remazolam 2.5 mg/time for a total of two times, with an interval of at least 1 minute between each additional administration, and the patient fully recovered after 5 minutes. ②Remazolam 0.25mg/kg is recommended for gastroscopic diagnosis and treatment in young and middle-aged patients; ③The optimal adult dose of digestive endoscopy is 0.15-0.2mg/kg; ④There is no respiratory depression, no obvious myocardial depression, and no decrease in blood oxygen saturation during the operation. There was no postoperative nausea and vomiting.

Academic Lectures


With the gradual implementation of the DRG/DIP payment reform policy, It will affect the work of the anesthesiology department. How should we deal with it and make corresponding adjustments? What impact will the implementation of the policy have on the development of comfortable medical care? Will the use of essential drug products and Guotan products be affected by the policy?

Professor Xie Yubo

National policies can only be complied with, let alone obstructed. However, it cannot reverse the national policy. Reducing costs and allowing patients to enjoy better medical care at lower costs is the future trend, and the anesthesiology department has to adapt.

Professor Wang Yongwang

DRG/DIP payment nationwide will be implemented in 2024 , the price of drugs will be unified in the next two years, comfortable medical treatment is the general trend, good drugs are the leading trend in the future, and anesthesiologists trustThe alfentanil and remazolam produced by Yichang Renfu are good drugs, and the drugs that should be used for anesthesia need to be used.


How to further optimize the anesthesia plan in the future in the newly developed field of comfort medicine, so as to reduce adverse events occur, improve patient comfort and safety? How can grassroots hospitals develop anesthesia and comfortable medical care outside the operating room with limited personnel and equipment, and achieve standardization and quality control? What new clinical value do you think the Guotan product remazolam besylate will bring to the application of comfort medical treatment?

Professor Xie Yubo

Comfortable medical care is the trend, painless mainly refers to outside the operating room, compared to the operating room Anesthesia, the anesthesia environment is more unsafe, and improving the comfort and safety of patients mainly refers to the drugs selected by the anesthesiologist. It is necessary to use short-acting drugs and drugs with relatively low cognitive function for patients. The drugs are reasonably matched to serve the patients. Anesthesia should be standardized, and it is hoped that the future medication methods will be relatively unified so as to be standardized. The future clinical value of remazolam is certain.

Professor Zhang Yanzhuo

With the improvement of people’s living standards, medical care will become more comfortable More and more, outdoor anesthesia requires drugs with rapid onset, rapid metabolism, good recovery quality, and anterograde amnesia. Remazolam is more in line with the needs of anesthesia outside the operating room, and the patient’s comfort will be higher; anesthesia outside the operating room The biggest risk is respiratory depression. Basic-level hospitals should be equipped with anesthesia equipment, and there should be uniform standards to implement them.


In painless diagnosis and treatment, how will the anesthesiology department compare with other departments (such as gastroenterology, respiratory, gynecology, etc.) , Pediatrics, Stomatology and Medical Aesthetics) to further exchange and optimize the process, cooperate well, and cooperate in depth? Let other departments accept the concept of comfortable medical care and promote its development. What are the characteristics of ideal anesthetics for painless endoscopic diagnosis and treatment? Can Remazolam Besylate Meet the Needs of Comfortable Medical Treatment?

Professor Li Fujun

Comfortable medical care is painless. Improve multi-disciplinary doctors’ recognition of the concept of comfort, internal optimization and improvement of anesthesia management, and improvement of anesthesia technology and selection of anesthetic drugs, including the new drug remazolam besylate, which is very advantageous for short surgery, and the consensus on medication in the region publicity is also more helpful.

Professor Wei Shanshan

Cooperation with clinical departments is the key The departments should communicate the benefits brought to the clinical department after the intervention of the anesthesiology department, the comfort and safety brought to the patients, and the inspection accuracy brought to the operating doctor. At the same time, in the development of comfortable medical care, clinical departments need the support of most of the key doctors in the department to do well.

Conference Summary

Chairman Professor Xie Yubo: /strong>The discussion at the meeting was particularly lively, and each director expressed his own suggestions and thinking. Academics are very important. Through academic exchanges of issues and experiences, the anesthesiology department needs to repeatedly communicate with the clinical departments to infiltrate the concept, and communicate with the anesthesiology department after participating. We will work together to promote comfortable medical care, hope that Renfu will create more opportunities, communicate online during the epidemic, thank Yichang Renfu Pharmaceutical for providing an academic exchange platform, and thank experts and professors for online clinical experience. experience.

(Yichang Renfu Pharmaceutical Industry Marketing Department)

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