With the fill light, the succulent still has no state! If the fill light is not selected correctly, it is useless

In winter, if you grow succulents indoors, use supplementary lighting to make the succulents more effective. Supplementary lighting can make up for the lack of sunlight and allow succulents to receive longer periods of light , The light intensity emitted by the fill light is balanced, which is more conducive to the growth and development of succulents. The most critical benefit is that the reasonable use of fill lights can make succulents look better.

You must remember that money is not wasted Yes, a fill light costs 50 yuan in total, and it is open for 4~6 hours a day. After a month, you will pay an extra 10 yuan in electricity bills, and you can make your succulent color more beautiful for less than 100 yuan.

My home fill light is 90 cm long and 30 watts The full spectrum of the double-row lamp beads is open for about 4 hours a day. Because there is a timer switch, the time for the light to be turned on is very punctual. It is only turned on at night. There is sufficient sunlight during the day, and it will be turned on for 4 hours at night. The sedum succulent is in very good condition.

The fill light looks simple, but it is actually used There are still certain skills, and it is not as easy as you imagine. Many friends use supplementary lights to raise succulents. After a month of raising succulents, there is still no change. Maybe a large part of the reason is the supplementary light factor, and some factors It’s because you don’t know how to use it, and if you use it wrongly, succulents are also stateless.

When the fill light is not selected correctly, use it If there is no effect, first collect the experience of using the fill light from the Internet, and then buy it. Don’t buy blindly, some fill lights are not practical.

Family raising succulents, the first choice of fill light is a lamp type, not a chandelier or a light bulb, no matter how good the brand is, don’t buy it Chandeliers or light bulbs are impractical to use and waste electricity, they are all bells and whistles and have no effect.

The fill light must be long, depending on how much meat you have The length can be selected from 60 to 90 centimeters. It is recommended that you choose 90 centimeters, which is more cost-effective. The online price of a 90 centimeter long fill light is about 50 yuan. Don’t buy it, take a look and do a search.

The main purpose of our succulent is to make it grow in a balanced way, so we choose full-spectrum, many Many merchants choose Ziguangpu in order to make the succulents look good and sell them better. Our family does not need to choose to use the spectrum to raise succulents. The full spectrum is very practical.

Purchase a mobile phone clip on the basis of purchasing the supplementary light, which is long and can hold the supplementary light , the other end can be clamped on the table or other places, and the total can be made up about 70 yuan.

Buy it home and plug it into the power supply for trial use. The height of the fill light is about 20~30 cm from the succulent. Don’t hang it too high, it won’t have any effect. Hang it 30 cm It is just right, basically it can cover a square area, and it is enough to raise succulents. If you have the conditions, you can buy two and use them side by side, which will waste more electricity money.

According to the above, it only takes about a month for the succulent to be in good condition, and 4 hours of light supplementation every day is enough.