7 things that smart women never say to the outside world, they are sensible and show high emotional intelligence, and the family happiness index soars

I am Family Grocery. Going to markets, shopping malls, and fairs all day to buy things and goods, you have to deal with many people and encounter many interesting things. When everyone gets together, Zhang’s parents and Li’s family are often short, sharing what they have seen and heard with each other, but sometimes it really involves some people’s family privacy.

Some people like to take their own family affairs as a joke and say that if you occasionally comment a few words, it will really make her unhappy. In fact, it is best not to talk about some family matters, especially the private matters between husband and wife. Although it is harmless to say it, it makes others feel a little embarrassed.

Today’s topic is how to judge whether a woman is sensible? Is your emotional intelligence high? Will it deal with family relations? In fact, a really smart woman never talks about the 7 things about her family, which shows that she is both sensible and high in emotional intelligence, and her family happiness index must be high. So, what are the 7 things?

First, the couple take a bath——just to say

Nowadays, every family has a bathroom, and there are very few people going to the public bathhouse outside to take a bath. At home, sometimes the elderly and children are not at home, and it is very normal for the husband and wife to take a bath together.

Taking a bath together is pure family privacy. As for what happens when two people take a bath together, it is a matter of love between the husband and wife. Don’t take it as a joke. Otherwise, it seems that you have no pattern.

Second, bad things about the parents-in-law–just say

As the saying goes, “the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is difficult”, this is indisputable fact, but why the difficulty? In fact, as long as one analyzes it, there must be no major issues. They are all trivial matters, which add up to a lot, and conflicts arise over time.

Smart women will not tell outsiders about the relationship between themselves and their parents-in-law. Most of them will talk to their parents, and the parents will help resolve it. OK. If it is said to outsiders, there is a common saying that “one slap can’t be slapped”, it will make others feel that this woman is not very good.

Third, the money earned by the husband – don’t ask

Generally speaking, men are generally more rational, and for themselves The money I earn will not be spent indiscriminately, and I will definitely fulfill my due responsibilities to the family. The money that should be handed in is absolutely handed in on time. What not to do is relatively clear in my heart, unless this person has a problem in nature.

Men also want to earn more money to show that they are capable. If you always ask about the money a man earns, it seems that he is suspected of looking down on him. Men will definitely feel that If you are unhappy, it is easy to have conflicts if you are not good.

Fourth, don’t talk about divorce–talk

Some women always talk about the word “divorce” to blackmail men. In fact, what annoys men the most is that women keep mentioning the word “divorce”. According to data, women only use “divorce” as a tool to attack men; and once a man says “divorce”, the relationship between husband and wife basically comes to an end.

So smart women generally don’t use the word “divorce” as a tool to attack men, but use other methods to achieve their goals, appearing sensible and calm He also has a high emotional intelligence, making his man willing to admit it.

Fifth, don’t check your husband’s mobile phone

It should be said that men generally don’t have many secrets about their mobile phones It can be said that this is determined by the man’s broad mind. In this regard, normal couples should make it clear that this is normal.

If a woman always checks her husband’s mobile phone for any secrets and ambiguous information about other women, it only shows that this woman’s IQ is too low. Not good, it will really be self-defeating.

Sixth, the past first love – don’t mention it

Everyone has their own privacy, even more their own Secret, no matter how good the relationship between the couple is, if there are some things not to be said, it is called a “kind lie”. “I don’t know” means “no”, and once it is said and let others know, it will become a psychological shadow.

For example, some women have a very good boyfriend outside, or a confidant, or a lover. As long as men don’t know, they will definitely live in peace. But once a man finds out, the consequences will definitely be troublesome. The same is true if a man is outside looking for flowers and willows.

Seventh, privacy of husband and wife——Not rumored

Since it is the privacy of the husband and wife, it is a matter between the husband and wife, and it is limited to the scope of the husband and wife, so it is fine. But some women like to show off, and they will reveal the privacy of the husband and wife regardless of the occasion. When others laugh it off, they must look down on this woman.

You must remember one thing, when you take off your veil and open your fig leaf, others will look down on you. Gossip will be overwhelming, and gossip will naturally fly all over the sky, which will not be a good thing for yourself or your family, especially for your own children, which may be the most harmful.