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As the saying goes, “Toothache is not a disease, it hurts really badly”. As an important organ that is inseparable from eating every day, missing a few teeth in the mouth does not seem to be a problem, but it is indeed a major event that affects the quality of life.

With the aging of the population and the improvement of living standards, the group in need of oral implants continues to expand, and this group’s pursuit of prosthetic effects is also on the rise. The non-basic needs that were considered to be consumption-oriented and improvement-oriented in the past may gradually transform into the basic needs of the people in the future.

Oral implantation medical services and medical consumables have long implemented a loose price policy, which has objectively promoted the rapid development of the industry, but has not given full play to the industry’s guiding, standardizing and supervising functions. Issues such as irregular charges and heavy cost burdens have received strong social repercussions.

In the face of the people’s “urgent, difficult and anxious” livelihood problems, in order to ensure the people’s access to high-quality, efficient and affordable missing tooth repair services, and to satisfy the people’s yearning for a better life , to promote the healthy and orderly development of the oral implant industry. On September 6, 2022, the National Medical Security Administration issued the “Notice on Carrying out the Special Treatment of Oral Implant Medical Service Fees and Consumables Prices” (Medical Insurance [2022] No. 27), which clearly will Carry out special management on the price of medical services and consumables for dental implants.

Oral implantation is an important way to restore missing teeth. Compared with conventional restoration methods such as fixed dentures and removable dentures, the function, structure and appearance of dental implants are closer to natural teeth. Oral implants are expensive, not only on a small “artificial tooth” as is usually understood, but involving implant systems, dental implant crowns, and a series of cost issues such as the corresponding inspection design and implant surgery. The use characteristics of each link, various consumables and services are classified and implemented, comprehensive management, and comprehensive coverage.

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The cost of dental implants is broadly divided into three parts: implants, crowns, and medical services.

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For the price of medical services, the first is to standardize and integrate the price of dental implants. The National Medical Security Administration will issue detailed rules to guide local governments, focusing on public medical institutions, to unify the items that can be charged, integrate the items that are too detailed, and remove the unreasonable items. The second is to regulate the overall price of medical services for oral implantation. The “Notice” requires that the total price of the medical service part of a single conventional dental implant should not exceed 4,500 yuan in principle. The local government will focus on how to achieve this goal by designing targeted governance plans, setting project prices, and supervising hospital charges.

Implants are industrial finished products that are standardized and supplied across regions. Referring to the experience in the centralized procurement of high-value medical consumables such as coronary stents and artificial joints, the implementation of Sichuan Province’s lead and all provinces The participating alliances focus on purchasing with quantity, requiring all public medical institutions that provide oral implant services to participate, and mobilizing private medical institutions to actively participate in exchange for price with quantity. The processing and production of dental implant crowns have high requirements for individuality and close interaction with the clinical user side. At this stage, the main focus is to explore bidding and hanging on the Internet. Sichuan Province will try first to form a reference system for the price of dental crowns. Other provinces will do a good job of price linkage, To point with the surface, to promote the price of the crown sunshine transparent.

The prices of implants and crowns need to be generated through centralized procurement and bidding. Therefore, there is no specific quantitative target set in the Notice. At present, most of the dental crowns purchased by public medical institutions from third-party processing factories are more than 1,000 yuan, and the price of self-made dental crowns is higher. Public medical institutions purchase high-end brand implants at 4,000-6,000 yuan per set, and other implants at 2,000-3,500 yuan per set. There is room for inflated prices in the circulation process, and prices will drop to varying degrees after centralized procurement.

On the whole, this special governance adheres to the problem orientation, carries out price governance under the legal framework, and focuses on returning consumables to the value of the product itself, so that the value of technical labor services can be reasonably reflected, and the return of medical care The essence of curing diseases and saving people is to allow people to enjoy affordable medical care, and to prevent pensions from going into the pockets of dental hospitals. At the same time, it is also conducive to promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the dental implant industry and better guaranteeing the steady improvement of medical quality.

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