Why was Wang Jianlin successful? Dare to venture and do it without fear of difficulties and obstacles are its most outstanding characteristics

Everyone knows that Wang Jianlin is a successful entrepreneur, and he has appeared on the China Rich List many times. Why can he succeed? This is inseparable from his resolute skills, courage to be the first, and perseverance. His “small goal of 100 million” has aroused the determination of hundreds of millions of netizens to rise up, and has become a model for countless entrepreneurs to learn from.

Wanda Group led by Wang Jianlin has now developed into a well-deserved leader in commercial real estate in my country Overlord, he has won the title of China’s richest man several times, and his hard work, hard work and many other excellent qualities are worth learning from.

Wang Jianlin’s outstanding qualities are closely related to his life experiences. An entrepreneur is inseparable from his own efforts and persistence.

In 2017, the country’s overseas investment policy suddenly changed The pressure on Wang Jianlin was doubled. It was the critical period for his large-scale mergers and acquisitions. In the face of the crisis, he decisively sold domestic assets in a large scale to cope with the shortage of corporate funds. Enterprise transformation to light assets. Facts have proved that Wang Jianlin is successful.

Wang Jianlin’s entrepreneurial spirit of daring to enter and do things without fear of difficulties and obstacles is worth learning. He once said that no matter what difficulties you encounter in your work, you must dare to face them. , at least half the chance of success, if you don’t do it, you are doomed to failure.


At an event, the host asked Wang Jianlin, what is your original mission of starting a business? What? Wang Jianlin said that the original intention at that time was to seek truth from facts to obtain more wealth so that I and the people around me could live a better life. Making money was my original intention at that time, and this was also the goal when I started doing business.

For a long time, while paying attention to the development of the enterprise itself, Wang Jianlin also He never forgets social welfare undertakings, and has outstanding achievements in assistance and social employment, which fully reflects his strong sense of social responsibility and deep feelings for his family and country, and his frankness is more respected.