Why is the domestic new crown oral drug a drug for the treatment of AIDS

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Friend, for the treatment of the new crown, oral pills will do.

You heard that right.

The latest news released by the State Food and Drug Administration shows:

The first domestic anti-new crown oral drug has been approved for marketing!

But what is more surprising is-

This oral drug, Azvudine , which turned out to be a drug (25.86 yuan per tablet) used to treat AIDS.

And judging from the published clinical trial results, this oral drug can achieve the effect of clearing the virus in about 5 days.

Then the question is:

Why can the new crown be treated with AIDS medicine?

Azvudine is an oral dual-target nucleoside antiviral drug.

At first, it was invented as a new drug for AIDS treatment.

The principle is to achieve antiviral effect by inhibiting the replication of RNA viruses such as HIV, HCV, EV71 and HBV.

The new coronavirus is also a typical RNA virus.

So as early as the beginning of the outbreak, some people had pinned their hope of treating the new crown on Azvudine:

At that time, some antiviral drugs were screened out and put into To the front-line work in the treatment of the new crown, which includes azvudine.

According to the official website of the China Clinical Experiment Center, on February 15, 2020, a randomized, open, controlled clinical trial entitled “Azvudine Tablets in the Treatment of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia” was successfully registered.

In July of the same year, the team of Professor Chang Junbiao from Henan Normal University published a related study in Advanced Science:

< img class="content_title" height="300" layout="responsive" sizes="(min-width: 320px) 320px, 100vw" src="https://mmbiz.qpic.cn/mmbiz_png/YicUhk5aAGtAeGdRfZB7CzjFzvibyQslPtmrgeslWz7mWficBZZ4awnOC0Fnpnic3UjQ07DiaspwW2vxZK047DiaspwW2vxZK0hk5aAGtAeGdRfZB7CzjFzvibyQslPtmrgeslWz7mWficBZZ4awnOC0Fnpnic3UjQ07DiaspwW2vxZK047DiaspwW2vxZK047DiaspwW2vx="600">This study conducted a preliminary clinical trial on a total of 20 patients with mild and common new crowns, and the results showed that:

Azvudine was effective in both mild and common new crowns. Common patients are effective.

Specifically, the average time for the first nucleic acid to turn negative for the azvudine-treated patients was 2.6 days, while the average time for the control group to reach this result was 5.6 days. sky.

And there were no adverse reactions in the treatment group, but there were 3 adverse reactions in the control group.

This is explained in the words of Professor Chang Junbiao:

Azvudine acts as an inhibitor of viral RNA-dependent RNA polymerase (RdRp) ‘s nucleoside analogs can specifically act on the new coronavirus RdRp, thereby inhibiting viral replication, and its drug targeting is strong.

In October of the same year, Professor Chang Junbiao’s team also published research related to Azvudine in the sub-journal of Nature:

The results of this experiment are also ideal——

There were 10 patients in the experimental group, and within 4 days, the first nucleic acid negative rate reached 90%; under the same conditions of the control group, only 10%.

And another patient turned negative on the 5th day after taking azvudine after being admitted to the hospital for 20 days without results.

In addition, at the China Pharmaceutical Development Conference in April this year, Jiandong Jiang of the Chinese Academy of Engineering also summarized the effect of azvudine:

Negative nucleic acid in 3-4 days after oral administration

Average medication time 6-7 days

Average 9 days for discharge from hospital

Source: Internet, Academician Jiang Jiandong made a speech

And Academician Jiang Jiandong also mentioned that Azvudine was found to be useful for treatment as early as February 2020 After the new crown, it has been approved by China’s State Food and Drug Administration to conduct Phase III clinical trials.

And now, the results of the Phase III clinical trial have been announced. From the results:

Azvudine Tablets can significantly shorten moderate pneumonia caused by new coronavirus infection The improvement time of patients’ symptoms, increase the proportion of patients whose clinical symptoms are improved, and achieve excellent clinical results.

The proportion of subjects whose clinical symptoms improved on the 7th day after the first administration was 40.43% in the azvudine group and 10.87% in the placebo group(P value<0.001). The median time of improvement of clinical symptoms between the azvudine group and the placebo group was significantly different (P value<0.001).

Azvudine has the effect of inhibiting the activity of the new coronavirus, and the virus clearance time is about 5 days.

ButAt present, Clinicaltrials.gov shows that the final clinical results of three registration studies of azvudine in the treatment of new crowns have not yet been announced.

The R&D team from Henan

In addition to “the first domestically produced oral new crown drug”, the R&D team behind it has also become secondary focus.

According to the news released by the State Food and Drug Administration, the team is Real Biology Technology Co., Ltd. from Henan, which was established on September 12, 2012.

Before the announcement by the State Food and Drug Administration, Real Biology had submitted Azvudine to it on July 15 for the treatment of new coronavirus indications. Application.

After the conditional approval, it means that Real Biology has become the first domestically produced new crown oral drug manufacturer.

According to “Henan Daily”:

At present, the entire industrial chain of Azvudine from research and development, API production, preparation production, to sales headquarters has been put into practice. Basic conditions of Henan.

And then focus on the drug Azvudine itself, whose inventor is Professor Chang Junbiao from Henan Normal University.

Later, the drug was jointly developed by Real Biology, Zhengzhou University, Henan Normal University, and High-tech Research Center of Henan Academy of Sciences.

However, the intellectual property rights of Azvudine tablets are owned by real creatures.

Professor Chang Junbiao, source: Internet


At that time, the plasma gap was relatively large, but because of the irregular operation, tens of thousands of people were infected with AIDS.

In those days, there was no domestic self-developed drug for AIDS treatment, and patients often had to rely on imported drugs, which were not only expensive, but also often accompanied by side effects.

So in 2004, Professor Chang Junbiao’s team began to work on it.

However, the research and development process is not only long and repetitive, but also extremely demanding on the experimental environment, and the input cost is self-evident.

Fortunately, in 2012, Prof. Chang Junbiao’s team received the support of real organisms and exclusively invested in the research and development of azvudine.

Azvudine was finally launched after Phase III clinical trials.

One More Thing

Just now, Tsinghua University also announced good news:

Leading Develop the first domestically produced new crown neutralizing antibody drug!

According to Tsinghua, the drug can be used to treat mild and common patients with progression to severe (including hospitalization or death) ( ) adults and adolescents with high risk factors (12-17 years old, body weight ≥ 40 kg) patients with novel coronavirus infection.

And the National Health and Medical Commission has included this drug in the “New Coronary Virus Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Program (Trial Version 9)” on March 15 this year, for anti-inflammatory drugs. Treatment of COVID-19.

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