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For girls, high heels are probably a “beautiful torture tool”. On the one hand, it can make people instantly tallerand full of aura, but on the other hand, it may also bring a lot of pain—— The big toe is “valgus”. Auntie Wang from Hunan had serious feet valgus, so she wore shoes from the original size of 35. Evolved to the need to wear 45 men’s shoes.

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Hub valgus What disease? Is it related to wearing high heels? Do men get sick? Let’s have a good chat today“Hump valgus”. What is a hallux valgus? Hall hallux valgus refers to the bony protrusion of the joint at the base of the big toe, with the big toe deviating toward the second toe. The study found that the prevalence of adults under the age of 65 is about 23%; the prevalence of adults over the age of 65 is higher, reaching 36%; and the prevalence of female adults is about 30%.

Gallery copyright image, without authorization >The prevalence of shoe-wearing population exceeds that of barefooted population, but among barefooted population, women are still twice as common as men. There are many hypotheses about the etiology of hallux valgus, but the exact cause remains unclear. Various factors may be involved, such as congenital anatomical abnormalities, joint hypermobility, and genetic influences. Hump valgus is associated with inflammatory joint diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis. What are the dangers of hallux valgus? Some people will say that if the big toe is crooked, it is crooked. Anyway, no one can see it with socks and shoes. In fact, hallux valgus has some other problems besides aesthetics:

swollen, red, or sore joint at the base of the big toe; span>The appearance of calluses is caused by the friction between the big toe and the second toe;Repeated or persistent pain on the sole of the foot is caused by the shift of the force point of the foot to the middle; strong>


Limited movement of the big toe, there is some evidence that hallux valgus interferes with gait and Balanced, uneven ground may increase the risk of falls.

Are hallux valgus related to shoes?

Hump hallux valgus mainly occurs in people who wear shoes, especially women, so people often think that shoes that do not fit well will cause hallux valgus, such as wearing high heels, Pointed shoes, etc.

Gallery copyright image, without authorization span>However, some women experience hallux valgus when wearing shoes that severely compress the toenails, and some men wear well-fitting shoes and experience hallux valgus. Therefore, shoes are likely to aggravate hallux valgus, but not the underlying cause. Hump valgus can causeInlaid armor? When the lateral edge of the deck pierces the lateralsquare of the nail fold and penetrates the skin, causing a foreign body reaction and secondary infection, we call it a Endogenous armor, or ingrown armor. The big toe is most common and is characterized by pain, edema, exudation, and granulation tissue hyperplasia. Predisposing factors include ill-fitting shoes, excessive rupture of the lateral edge of the deck, and congenital deformities. Visibly, hallux valgus does not cause ingrown nails.

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How to relieve hallux valgus symptoms?

The first thing to be clear is that few studies have shown that conservative treatment is effective. So,don’t imagine that hallux valgus can be cured without surgery.

But conservative treatment can be used to relieve symptoms and possibly help prevent the progression of hallux valgus. Specific methods include:Choose wider, low-heeled shoes to reduce irritation to the big toe; use special insoles; use night splints to improve toe alignment; use stretching and other manipulations to maintain joint range of motion ;In addition, ice compresses can be applied after exercise to reduce swelling and pain; when swelling and pain are obvious, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can be used.

Gallery copyright image, reproduced without permission >Does hallux valgus require surgery? Many people think that the hallux valgus angle The bigger it is, the more surgery is needed. Actually not so. The indications for hallux valgus surgery are: obvious pain, and even difficulty in walking, not just looking at the valgus angle on the X-ray. There are at least 150 surgical methods for hallux valgus. The specific operation should be decided by a professional orthopaedic surgeon, and a professional foot and ankle surgeon can be selected if conditions permit.

Note that surgical expectations should not be too high. First of all, many people still cannot wear pointed shoes after surgery, and symptoms such as pain may still last for several months, and the angle of hallux valgus is not fully recovered after surgery, and the metatarsophalangeal joints are damaged. The valgus angle of 10°~25° is normal. In summary, high heels and pointed shoes may aggravate hallux valgus, but they are not the underlying cause. Conservative treatment of hallux valgus is the first choice, but it cannot be cured, and the expectation of surgical treatment should not be too high. Experts in this article: Li Dongya, MD, Soochow University, Attending Physician of Orthopedics, Affiliated Hospital of Xuzhou Medical University

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