Why do some people stay depressed all their lives? Why do some people spend their entire lives in depression?


Depressed people from a certain point of view, in fact, the core essence is that they have not found the meaning of their existence, that is, they are denying themselves, or using another way to determine their existence.

Many times we need to think about a question: Why do some people stay depressed all their lives? Why do some people spend their entire lives in depression? What is the difference in thinking behind this? We need to think clearly about this issue.

Depressed people may be influenced by the words of the people around them. What others say about them, they care about them, they put it in their hearts, they start to think wildly, and they start to have All kinds of thoughts appeared, and at this time, my depression state appeared.


Everyone has their own psychological state. In fact, their own psychological state needs to be adjusted by themselves every day. What does this experience bring to you? Anxiety and irritability, people have a state of anxiety and irritability, then the potential danger of depression has begun to occur.

So we need to learn one ability: the ability to be aware of our emotions. For example, now that I am late, and everyone around me is blaming me, is my mood bad at this time?

It sucks, so what? Either explain with impulsive emotion, or apologize in a warm way and change the subject quickly.


When a person is about to lose control of his emotions, it is a great ability to be able to solve the current problems with a cheerful face, and it will even bring him a sense of accomplishment, and be able to solve the current problems with a smile on his face. Any emotion to deal with, this is a manifestation of high emotional intelligence.

Depressed people will feel a kind of depression, pain, and discomfort in the face of such a scene, so what is the feeling left to themselves at this time? It is the accumulation of depression again.

So a depressed person does not want to be depressed to be depressed, but in daily life and work, various negative emotions accumulate again and again, until one day, the accumulation is full, If you can’t digest it yourself, then you will be left with depression or depression.

So we need to understand one point: think more about your own problems in this life, and think more about what you should do? What should be done? This is what needs to be understood earlier, and the sooner one becomes enlightened, the more sober one is.


Why do many parents always worry about their children’s learning problems? It’s because you haven’t dealt with your own problems properly. If you’re dealing with your own problems every day, and you’re revising your own problems, how can you have time to think about your children’s problems?

Everyone has their own problems. If you solve your own problems one by one, maybe at a certain moment you will feel that the world is really worth it.

What does our happiness and joy come from? It’s not that you can be happy when your goals are achieved, but you must be happy anytime, anywhere. This is the core.

Many of us have been wanting to achieve this goal and want to achieve that goal all our lives, and make ourselves very unhappy every day. At the moment when the goal is achieved, the heart may be peaceful, then this Only then did I realize that I seemed to have lost the ability to be happy.

In fact, many times, we have to understand a question: it is normal for depression to appear. Think more about why depression appears in yourself? He may have attached more things to himself, and he does not have the ability to digest it.