Why do some people feel uncomfortable when they wear high neck clothes? Note that it is best not to wear high-necked clothing for the 3 types of people

Enter the winter life-saving three-piece suit, high-necked long johns and a small cap. High-necked clothes are a must-have item for many people in the winter, but some people feel uncomfortable as long as they wear high-necked clothes, as if being choked by fate.

Why does this happen?

These people feel uncomfortable when they wear high-necked clothes and cannot accept something sticking to their necks. This condition is called carotid sinus syndrome, and it is also It’s called collar syndrome.

Because there is a carotid sinus with obvious fluctuations in the carotid artery on the outside of the human neck, if the collar is too tight or the scarf is tight, the neck The arterial sinus will be under pressure for a long time, and through nerve reflex, it will cause the blood pressure of the human body to drop, the heart rate to slow down, and the blood supply to the brain to decrease, and dizziness and nausea will appear.

When the normal human carotid sinus is compressed, the heart rate will slow down by about 5 beats/minute, Blood pressure will drop by 10 mm Hg. If it is a sensitive person, there may even be a reaction of cardiac inhibition or vascular inhibition, a sudden drop in blood pressure, and syncope such as cerebral ischemia.

This is why some people can’t wear clothes with high collars, and they feel uncomfortable when they put them on.

Attention, three types of people are best not to wear senior clothes

1. People with cardiovascular disease

Because high-necked clothes can irritate the neck Arterial sinuses, which in turn will cause blood pressure to drop and heartbeat to slow down, so patients with high blood pressure and coronary heart disease should pay more attention, and it is best not to wear high-necked clothes.

Patients with other cardiovascular diseases, it is best to wear loose and comfortable clothes with a neckline, and it is best to choose a sweater with a low collar to keep warm, so as to avoid irritating the carotid sinus.

2. People prone to allergies

Some people with allergies may be allergic to chemical fiber materials, such as itching, redness and swelling on the neck. If the sweater and scarf rub against each other to generate static electricity, it will cause the neck of the allergic constitution to be too dry, which is not conducive to the health of the skin.

For people with allergies, try to avoid choosing clothes with too many chemical fiber materials. You can wear autumn clothes inside the sweater, and it is best to choose cotton for close-fitting clothes , to prevent allergies.

3. Children

Because children are not only active, but also more afraid of heat, wear Wearing high-necked clothes can easily cause them to sweat a lot, which can easily cause colds, colds and coughs. So children should pay attention not to wear too much or too thick in winter.

4. The elderly

If the elderly wear high-necked clothes, it is easy to compress the carotid sinus when turning the head, which may cause syncope. In addition, when some clothes are made of hard and uncomfortable materials, it is more likely to cause discomfort to the elderly.

Generally, the arteries of the elderly are hardened, and the carotid sinus will be more sensitive than others. If you do not pay attention to slightly pressing the neck, it may cause nerve reflexes, resulting in blood pressure and A drop in heart rate, followed by syncope or even more serious consequences. Therefore, the elderly should try to avoid choosing high-necked clothes.

If you feel sweaty, nauseous, and dizzy in high-necked clothes , It is recommended to take a rest immediately, try to take off the high-necked clothes, raise your legs, and promote the return of blood to the heart.

If someone faints because of this, it is recommended to open the collar immediately to judge whether the patient is conscious or not, and call an emergency number immediately.