“Health Science Popularization” When picking up express delivery, this habitual action is very dangerous

Picking up express delivery is something that many people often do, so when you receive express delivery, do you have such a habitual action-adjust the position of the mask by hand.

Actually, this action Quite dangerous!

Previously, Wuhan Wan Shaobing, head of the emergency department and fever clinic of the Shouyi District of the Third Hospital, said in an interview:This habitual action may bring the risk of new coronary pneumonia infection!

Because the outside of the used mask will absorb viruses, and hands that have touched express delivery and various public goods may also be contaminated with bacteria and viruses. At this time, hands touching the outside of the mask can easily form double pollution.

If you don’t wash your hands Touching eyes, mouth and nose may leave protective gaps.

How to handle express delivery correctly


Receiving and unpacking express delivery

  • When receiving couriers and items, you can wear masks and gloves first.
  • Gloves can be plastic or disposable gloves, and masks can be disposable medical masks.
  • Pick up the package at a fixed location as much as possible to achieve contactless handover; if you need to sign in person, please keep a safe distance from the courier.
  • When disassembling, try to do it outdoors, and don’t take the outer packaging home, but sort it according to household waste. If you need to take it home, you can wipe and disinfect the outer packaging and items before unpacking the express delivery and goods.
  • Try to avoid unpacking express delivery in a closed space and keep the room well ventilated.
  • After processing mail Take off your gloves in time, carefully disinfect or wash your hands, change your mask, and avoid touching your mouth, eyes, and nose with unclean hands.


Package Handling

  • Express boxes and outer packaging of goods, etc., please discard them separately in garbage bags and do not mix them with other garbage.
  • Before packaging and discarding, spray disinfection with chlorine-containing disinfectant, and tie the bag tightly for disposal. 84 disinfectant diluted with water at 1:99 and then sprayed for disinfection is also applicable.


How to do good hand hygiene

  • Wash hands with running water or hand sanitizer.
  • If using running water When washing your hands, please cooperate with disinfection products such as soap or hand sanitizer.
  • Do not wash your hands before When touching “eyes, mouth, and nose”, rub the hands for no less than 20 seconds when washing hands.
  • Recommended seven steps Wash hands, rinse hands thoroughly under running water, then dry with a clean towel or paper towel.


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