Why can’t young people put down their mobile phones late at night? Check out these subscription numbers

Behind every young person staying up late, there is a reason for being awake. Chatting, swiping official accounts, mobile phone life should not be too rich, but how to use these time more efficiently?

In today’s era of information bombardment, depth and professionalism are our criteria for evaluating “good” content, and it’s easy for a discerning person to tell the difference if we don’t care about content.

Today, I would like to recommend 8 public accounts with depth and ideas. I will use countless fragments of time to listen to some fresh things and opinions, and add some material to my life.

How to follow:

ID : new-weekly

recommendation reasons: hot current affairs tracking, regional and cultural analysis, lifestyle research, local aesthetic exploration… For more than 20 years, from personal life to social conditions, from film and television reviews to Reading the situation, New Weekly has been faithfully recording the body temperature of the times, looking for the pain points, laughter points, and tears points that you and I have in common. Pay attention to the new weekly WeChat public account, we will live with you with an attitude.

First Financial

ID : cbn-yicai

Zhi Yun said

ID : ZhiYunView

Reason for recommendation: Today, I recommend a very good official account – Zhiyun Shuo (ID: ZhiYunView), edited by the volunteer cloud official account (5000 of the whole network) Wan Active Volunteer Fans) and Baidu Professional Manager Curator Mr. Kai founded, focusing on career growth.

The founder and curator, Mr. Kai, has been in the workplace for nearly 20 years and has very rich workplace experience. He hopes to use his growth experience, entrepreneurial experience, or experience in life share the warmth with you. Everything you want to see is here:

[Character Growth Class]

【Workplace Awareness Class】

People’s Network Science

ID: peoplekpzg

Reason for recommendation: The most down-to-earth science account in the universe! It can not only keep up with hotspots and bring you fresh information from all over the world, but also be rigorous and interesting, unlocking a lot of encyclopedia knowledge for you. The unknown truth of life, the vivid and mysterious world, pay attention to me, and the journey of popular science will start immediately!

Giant worms found in woman’s body, one-third of her liver was eaten! Follow and reply to “giant bug” to view

Inconspicuous, venom is deadly! Don’t touch it when you encounter it! Follow and reply to “venom” to view

Neighbors are “yang”, is it useful to throw disinfectant tablets into the sewer? Follow and reply to “Disinfection” to view

Add this thing to milk tea, 1 gram will be poisoned? Follow and reply to “milk tea” to view

The guy can’t eat because there is a “puppy” deep in the esophagus? Follow and reply to “Puppy” to view


ID: bowuzazhi

Reason for recommendation: What are the flowers in the flower bed downstairs called? How do the chirping insects by the window in summer night make sounds? Are superfoods like quinoa and avocado really nutritious? Is “getting hot” a false proposition? What is the origin of the Baijia surname? Can the seeds in dragon fruit be potted? How to get rid of cockroaches at home? …

Everything you want to know can be answered here.

“Museum” magazine, with the most popular perspective and the most down-to-earth way, will tell you about the food, flowers, plants, fish and insects, wind and thunder and lightning.

Authentic scenery

ID: didaofengwu

Reason for recommendation: If you are a National Geographic controller, travel expert, or senior foodie, don’t miss this account!

Authentic scenery is the content platform of “China National Geographic”, a walking scenery encyclopedia, where there are the most authentic regional culture, scenery and food.

Beijing News Review

ID: xjb-pl

Reason for recommendation: The times are turbulent, and the original intention is always the same. For 18 years, the Beijing News commentary has never been absent from major current affairs. Standing in Beijing and Huaiyuan, active, steady and insightful.

Here, read the overtones of the news; here, understand the changing times.