Dr. Xiehe said | During the National Day holiday, how can the elderly eat the fragrance?

As the age increases, the secretion of saliva and digestive juices in the elderly will decrease, the teeth will fall out, and the chewing ability will also decline. October 4th is the Double Ninth Festival. Now let Kang Lin, deputy director of the Department of Geriatrics of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, come to tell you about the “eating book” for the elderly during the holidays——

Author: Kang Lin

Deputy director of Peking Union Medical College Hospital Department of Geriatrics, deputy chief physician, master tutor. Good at life management and intervention of malnutrition, weight loss, frailty, sarcopenia, prevention and treatment of geriatric syndromes (such as falls, urinary incontinence, constipation, etc.), hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, heart failure, atrial Joint diagnosis and treatment of various complex chronic diseases of the elderly such as tremor and diabetes, consultation and health management after health examination, preoperative evaluation and comprehensive functional evaluation of the elderly, adjustment of various medication, evaluation of complex conditions, and joint decision-making with patients and their families.


There are snacks for three meals a day. A reasonable arrangement of meals is more beneficial to health, especially during holidays. You can’t be in a mess just because your children are with you. It is best to ensure that you have three meals a day. In addition to the three meals, you can have a small snack in the morning or afternoon, such as fruit, yogurt or nuts.


The thickness and thickness of the main dishes are matched. It is generally recommended to use coarse grains and fine grains or mix and match coarse and fine grains. For example, replacing some rice noodles with cornmeal, buckwheat, and oatmeal can help control blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood lipids. However, it is not recommended to use whole grains completely to avoid discomfort such as bloating and diarrhea.


Drink more water and less alcohol. Older people are often afraid of urinating and do not like to drink water, but this can easily lead to constipation, so it is necessary to maintain sufficient water intake (especially when going out). However, in order to avoid inconvenience such as getting up at night, try to avoid drinking a lot of water at night or before going to bed.


Vegetables and fruits should not be less, but nuts should not be too many. Have you achieved 1 catty of vegetables and 4 taels of fruit every day? It can be eaten with leafy, stem, and melon vegetables. A small handful of nuts is enough every day, because 15 peanuts (or 30 melon seeds or 2 walnuts) are equivalent to 10g of oil.


Improve cooking skills, increase the color and aroma of food, and stimulate appetite. If these methods can not achieve good results, you can improve the efficiency of eating in a limited amount of food, and use some nutritional enhancement methods, such as replacing part of the water with milk when steaming egg custard, When cooking porridge, you can add some fish, chicken, sea cucumber or shrimp, and when mixing noodles, you can add milk, eggs or milk powder.

In addition, there areSome elderly people do not eat well because of dental problems, such as periodontal disease, caries, tooth loss, tooth sensitivity, defects, etc. So it’s time to see a dentist right away. The elderly should pay attention to protecting their oral health every day, such as brushing their teeth twice a day, and using dental floss to clean their teeth better. Elderly people without teeth should also clean their mouths every day. In addition, a special reminder, do not brush your teeth violently or horizontally, otherwise it will get worse and worse.

I hope that every elderly person has a good set of teeth and can eat well.

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