Why can we see a lot of abandoned luxury cars when we are traveling by car on the Sichuan-Tibet line?

We all know that every year thousands of people go on a self-driving tour on the Sichuan-Tibet line. Then while enjoying the beautiful scenery, you will actually see a magical phenomenon, that is, there will be many abandoned motorcycles and cars on the roadside, and many of them are high-profile.

And Toyota domineering, Wranglers are expensive luxury cars, why are they dumped on the side of the road, are these people rich? If these cars are sold as scrap iron, they must be worth a lot of money, why no one does it?


When traveling in Tibet, we often see some scrapped cars on the road, and some of them are expensive luxury cars. Then some cars may be badly damaged, while others may look brand new. In fact, for ordinary families, the cheapest car costs tens of thousands of yuan. It’s such a pity that the car bought at such an expensive price is discarded on the side of the road.

Under normal circumstances, these cars are actually discarded by tourists who travel by car in Tibet. So, why are there so many abandoned cars on the Sichuan-Tibet line?

Then most of the people who drive into Tibet actually choose SUVs or off-road vehicles with excellent performance. One is because such vehicles have a large space and are suitable for long-term drivers. Not too tiring; secondly, there are many sharp turns and dangerous road conditions on the Tibet road. Different from the roads in the city, SUVs are better than ordinary cars and are more suitable for the highway environment in Tibet.

But some novice travel friends have never considered whether their car can adapt to the roads of Sichuan and Tibet Some of them even drove luxury cars to Tibet. I saw some netizens drive QQ cars and Wuling Hongguang to Tibet before on the Internet. The power of an ordinary car is not enough, and the passability is also very poor, and a sports car, let alone a sports car, running on the Tibetan highway on such a flat site is simply looking for abuse.

Therefore, in fact, these cars will not be able to drive for a long time after entering Tibet. The Sichuan-Tibet line was sparsely populated, and there was nowhere to repair broken cars, so they had to be dumped there. Most of the abandoned cars are accident vehicles. Many people think their driving skills are the best. However, in the face of the complex road conditions on the Sichuan-Tibet line, drivers need to have good psychological and physical qualities.

It’s easy to have problems when you’re slow to react or focus. Some people are overconfident and do not control their speed well on mountain roads and sharp turns, leading to accidents. Of course, there are also some people who cannot drive due to severe altitude sickness, dizziness, chest tightness, etc., so they have to park on the side of the road and find someone to drive back after the trip is over.

Why no one has the guts to haul it away? Is there a set formula? For example, if you want to catch a fish and spend more money on bait than on fish, then you Will you still go out of your way to catch it? Of course, if you just want to play, pure “fishing addiction”, that’s another story.

However, I don’t think anyone would pay less than shipping for a broken down car. So this is not a car no one dares to tow, but a business no one wants to do at a loss. Who would do this kind of thing except a lunatic?

What preparations do I need to do to go to Tibet? Tibet is beautiful, there are Blue sky, white clouds, lakes, rivers, temples, mountains and rivers. The scenery along the way is like a fairyland. But don’t be fooled by the beauty in front of you, if you really want to go, you need to be prepared for the following:

1. Prepare emergency medicines, which is not to say, according to your own situation. I have a classmate whose father joined a tour group to Chongqing during May 1st this year. Unexpectedly, he had a heart attack as soon as he arrived in Chongqing. The car didn’t get off, and people left.

Fortunately, his father did not go alone, his brother (uncle) and his His family were in the car with him. The younger brother immediately contacted the local 120 and called for an ambulance. The two drivers took turns driving and then stopped non-stop.

2. If you are traveling by car, don’t underestimate the complexity of the road and the damage to your car. Preferably a good quality SUV and someone who can drive. Otherwise, fatigue will distract you from the scenery.

3. Clothing and supplies, if conditions permit, you can bring your own oxygen bag. Long-sleeved clothes, hats are essential, raincoats, sunglasses, etc.

In short, in a sparsely populated fairyland, don’t hold the idea of ​​“seeking help”, Instead, it should be based on the attitude of “don’t ask for anything”. In other words, you may not find anyone if you “want to ask”.