Why are cigarettes divided into soft packs and hard packs, and what are the differences between the two? Veteran smokers may wish to understand

According to relevant data, the number of smokers in my country has reached 353 million, and the trend of rejuvenation is also serious. Many teenagers have contracted smoking before graduation Habit.

Many people say that cigarettes are an indispensable social tool in today’s society and an important part of fiscal revenue, especially Now many people have developed the habit of smoking.

According to clinical data, the incidence of lung cancer is closely related to long-term smoking, especially with People’s needs and cigarette products have also become diverse, especially when there are hard-pack cigarettes and soft-pack cigarettes. What are the differences between the two?

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Smoking is so harmful, why do so many people still smoke?

Imitation Psychology

In life, some people are instigated by their peers or other people. They feel that smokers are particularly chic and attractive, so they choose to imitate.

Curious psychology

Some people smoke because they are curious, because they saw people at home smoking when they were young, so they choose to experience it for themselves out of curiosity, but they cannot quit in the end.

Can reduce stress

< span>In life, some people will suffer setbacks or pressure in the process of study and work, and they will use smoking to relieve bad emotions, and regard smoking as a way to relieve stress.

Promoting Social

Smoking has become a means of socializing now. For some men, they can get to know each other by borrowing a lighter, and smoking together can bring them closer the distance between.


Why are cigarettes divided into soft packs and hard packs, and what are the differences between them? Old smokers may wish to know

The taste is different

Cigarettes contain a lot of toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide, tar, nicotine, etc., which will affect the taste of cigarettes. For hard pack cigarettes, the tar The content is relatively high, so the taste is richer and more addictive.

So in terms of taste, soft-pack cigarettes are softer and more suitable for female smokers, while hard-pack cigarettes are more suitable for long-term smoking old smoker.

The cost is different

There is also a big difference in the production cost of soft pack cigarettes and hard pack cigarettes. The raw materials used in the production process of soft pack cigarettes are better, so It looks more refined, and the production process is more transparent, so the cost is higher than that of hard pack cigarettes.

Different consumer groups

< span>The taste of soft-pack cigarettes is relatively light and the packaging is more exquisite, so it is loved by many business people and female smokers, and some people even regard soft-pack cigarettes as localbit symbol.

The filters are different

Cigarette filter tips are particularly important. A good filter tip can filter more toxic substances, thereby reducing damage to the body, while a soft pack cigarette filter tip is better, with less resistance. The function of filtering harmful substances is also better.

The production process is different

In the process of making soft pack cigarettes, the mature tobacco leaves are first steamed at high temperature, and then The tobacco leaves are roasted, and finally the miscellaneous leaves are removed by a special process. Under the action of the machine, the carton is compressed into a cigarette box, and the cigarettes are sealed.

The production of soft-pack cigarettes is more complicated and requires special patterns, while hard-pack cigarettes are in the production process There are not too many complicated processes, the tobacco leaves that need to be baked decompose the weeds, and just put them in the cigarette box.


If you want to reduce the harm of smoking to your body, you should do the following things

Reject secondary smoking

Some people will If there is a surplus, you are reluctant to throw it away, and you will smoke it a second time, but the nicotine content in it will increase, which will affect your health instead, so you should refuse secondary smoking at ordinary times.

Choose cigarettes with less tar content

There are many types of cigarettes and their prices are different, but the tar content is relatively high. To maintain your health, try to choose cigarettes with low tar content.

Control the amount of smoking

It is very difficult for old smokers to quit smoking, but they should control the amount of smoking in normal times, and they can smoke less than 5 cigarettes a day to reduce the damage to the body.