How did SARS, which made people “terrified” 19 years ago, disappear? It is recommended that you read it carefully

As early as 2003, human beings experienced SARS. Occupied, and the fatality rate is as high as 11%.

According to the data, a total of 8,422 people around the world were unfortunately infected with the virus during the SARS period, and the death toll was about 919 , but SARS disappeared quickly after a period of time.

But the current new crown epidemic has lasted for nearly three years, and now medical technology is advanced, why SARS Can it disappear suddenly, but the new crown epidemic does not?

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How did the “scaring” SARS 19 years ago disappear? I suggest you read carefully

Isolation measures are perfect

SARS virus is highly contagious, so isolation is particularly important. After the outbreak of SARS, temperature measurement points and disinfection points will be set up in many parts of the country, and foreign personnel will also was blocked.

Especially if migrant workers want to go home, they need to go home without fever or cough for a week, and the isolation conditions for infected patients It is also very strict, and it is necessary to wear masks, gloves and protective clothing throughout the process, so that the virus can be killed in the cradle.

Viruses are environmental and seasonal

SARS virus is a single-stranded RNA virus, heredity is not stable, but its variability is relatively high. Although the mutation process is in animals, the toxicity results are reflected in humans.

Especially after the virus is transferred to the human body, the environment of the activity changes , resulting in a decrease in the toxicity of the virus, and some viruses also disappear due to the death of the host or the loss of the way of infection.

When SARS broke out, it happened to be in winter, the temperature was low, the sun was not enough, and the virus replicated faster, but in summer, the temperature quickly Elevated, the environment and conditions suitable for virus replication have changed.

The early stage of the virus is weak

In the initial stage of SARS virus infection, its infectivity is relatively weak. If isolation or treatment is carried out at this time, the transmission chain can be effectively controlled.


It is also a coronavirus, why is it difficult to eliminate the new crown?

Highly contagious, mild symptoms

Although the symptoms of the new coronavirus are mild, they are contagious. After SARS is infected, it will become highly contagious after symptoms such as fever and pneumonia appear. However, the new coronavirus has an incubation period of about 12 days, or even longer. Some patients have no obvious symptoms, so it is easier to form an infection. .

High difficulty in eradication

Relevant experts compared polio and smallpox, and finally showed that the eradication of the new coronavirus is relatively difficult, especially some patients have secondary infections, which means that the immune protection of the new crown has a limited time limit, and the virus is easy to relapse occur.

It is difficult to achieve coexistence in the short term

According to the characteristics of the new coronavirus, in order to achieve the coexistence of humans and viruses First of all, vaccination should be popularized, followed by specific drugs, and waiting for the virus to naturally evolve into a less toxic strain. The fatality rate of the new coronavirus is seven times that of the flu. If you want to achieve long-term coexistence with the virus, the consequences are difficult to be controlled. Accepted.

Vaccination coverage Low

The coverage rate of the new crown vaccination is not high, so the elimination of the new crown cannot be achieved, especially according to the data , the new crown shows no signs of being contained globally.


The new crown still exists, what kind of experience can we gain from the past SARS?

Before it happens

With technology With the improvement of health awareness and the improvement of health awareness, most people have developed the habit of washing hands frequently, ventilating frequently, and wearing masks, which can also reduce the spread of viruses to a certain extent.

< span>So we have learned to recognize and use the laws of nature, maintain an attitude of awe, and achieve a balance with nature. Especially in the past few years when the new crown epidemic broke out, many people have developed the habit of respecting and protecting wild animals.

Believe that there is a strong motherland behind us< /strong>

Now my country’s epidemic prevention and control level is already at the forefront of the world, and China insists on dynamically clearing the epidemic situation and maintaining health first , the principle of life first, especially with a strong motherland behind us, I believe that the new crown epidemic will end one day.