Why are cats banned on pig farms? Pig farmers should pay attention to several animals that cannot be raised in pig farms

I believe that many pig farmers have heard that cats cannot be kept in pig farms, do you know the reason? And what other animals cannot be raised in pig farms? Today we will talk about this topic.

1. Why can’t pig farms raise cats?

Pig farms cannot raise cats because cats are prone to be infected with Toxoplasma, which in turn can be transmitted to pigs. Domestic cats are regularly dewormed and do not go out, so toxoplasmosis is not common, but if they are cats that go out freely every day in the pig farm, they are prone to be infected with toxoplasma. After the cat is infected with toxoplasma, it will excrete a large amount of toxoplasma in its feces Toxoplasma gondii eggs, pigs will become sick once they come into contact with them. Pigs infected with Toxoplasma gondii show persistent high fever, red and purple spots on the abdomen and extremities, and easily lead to miscarriage of sows, so cats cannot be kept in pig farms.

If the pigs in the pig farm have been infected with Toxoplasma, the pigs should be injected in time Sulfonamide drugs, after which comprehensive disinfection should be carried out on the pig farms, can be used: Junmetac, potassium hydrogen persulfate compound powder, different disinfectants are used alternately, and the disinfection effect is better.

Second, what other animals cannot be raised in pig farms?

1. Chickens and ducks cannot be raised. Many small pig farms will raise chickens and ducks next to the pig farms to save space and increase breeding income, but such farming methods often cause greater losses. Because chickens and ducks are very omnivorous, and they run around all day, they will carry a lot of parasites, the most common one is coccidiosis.


Coccidiosis can cause serious digestive tract diseases in pigs, if the constitution itself Poor piglets will not only have diarrhea and diarrhea after getting coccidiosis, but also easily lead to death. If the pig has already got coccidiosis, you can first use: Liketabo to relieve the symptoms of diarrhea in pigs, and then you can use sulfonamides Drugs should be used to deworm pigs continuously for 7 to 10 days. During this period, the pens should be disinfected and sterilized to prevent the spread of bacteria.

2. Cattle and sheep cannot be raised. In some free-range pig farms, farmers often mix cattle and sheep with cattle and sheep next to the pig farm. However, foot-and-mouth disease, which is common in cattle and sheep, can also be transmitted to pigs. The fatality rate of piglets suffering from foot-and-mouth disease is very high. Farms bring irreparable losses, therefore, cattle and sheep can not be mixed with pigs.

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For pigs that have had foot-and-mouth disease virus, we must first isolate them to avoid infecting other pigs, and then inject the sick pigs: long-acting cephalosporin suspension + Naproxen has a good therapeutic effect. In addition, the pigs should be vaccinated against foot-and-mouth disease to enhance the resistance of the pigs.

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The above are related topics about not being able to raise other animals in pig farms. During the breeding process, pig farmers must do a good job in scientific feeding management to reduce some problems occurrence.