What should sows be fed on the first day postpartum? How many times a day is it appropriate to feed a lactating sow?

The feeding and management of sows after delivery is very important for farmers. If the sows are not well cared for after delivery, it will easily lead to low survival rate of piglets, or cause Yellow and white scours of piglets, and affect the normal breeding of sows, so today we will talk about how to feed sows on the first day after delivery? And how many times a day should I feed? Pig farmers must read it.

1. What should the sows be fed on the first day after delivery?

The sow should not be given feed on the day of farrowing. Because the sow is weak at this time, and the appetite is not strong, and the piglet is still beside the sow, if the sow gets up and eats, it is easy to crush the piglet, so do not feed the sow on the day of delivery, but give it to the sow. To replenish water and energy for pigs, you can feed warm brown sugar water to sows, or add multivitamin to drinking water to supplement vitamins for sows, which can also ensure the normal recovery of sows. We then gradually re-feed the sows.

Second, how many times a day should a lactating sow be fed?

After the sows give birth, their appetite is slowly recovering. We need to feed the sows step by step. On the second day after delivery, the total amount of feeding can be controlled at about 1 kg, which is divided into two feedings in the morning and afternoon, and then the feeding amount is increased by 1 kg per day until the seventh day after delivery. If the amount reaches about 7 kg, it is enough to feed three times in the morning, middle and evening. In addition, it should be noted that at this time, the sows must not be fed with spoilage and mildewed feed. You can add Kemeitaibao to the feed to prevent the sows from eating spoiled feed.

3. What do lactating sows eat and produce more milk?

After the sows give birth, we need to feed the sows special lactation feed to promote the recovery of the sows and the secretion of milk, which can be used by the sows : Little Shepherd Feed – 4% premixed feed for lactating sows, combined with 63% corn, 23% soybean meal, and 10% bran, the feed that is formulated in this way can supplement nutrition for lactating sows, and at the same time is easy to digest, reducing constipation in sows In addition, we can also use it for sows: Wangrutaibao, which can replenish qi and blood for sows, promote milk secretion, and improve milk quality.

The above are some related issues about sows after delivery. Pig farmers can refer to the above points, and I believe it will be helpful to everyone.