WHO: 3 vegetables have been included in the list of liver damage, you might as well tell your family

In recent years, the number of patients with liver disease has increased year by year, and the liver lacks pain-sensing nerves, so many patients have already reached the advanced stage when they find out that they have liver disease, and missed the most The best treatment time, so I feel particularly regretful.

In fact, the cause of liver disease is related to unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle, and the liver is the detoxification and The detoxification organ can clean up toxins for the body, and can also secrete bile to promote the digestion of food.

After the liver is abnormal, the toxins in the body will not be cleaned up in time, which will affect the health of the liver and increase The burden on the liver can also easily cause some problems in the body.

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WHO: 3 vegetables have been included in the list of liver damage, you might as well tell your family< /span>

All kinds of pickled vegetables

< p data-track="7">Generally, vegetables in winter are more expensive, and some rural people especially like pickled vegetables, such as white radish, cabbage, etc., because pickled vegetables are easier to store, And it’s especially appetizing for dinner.

Pickled food will produce nitrite when it is made, which will be converted into amine nitrite after entering the human body, and this substance belongs to 2B Carcinogens like these can cause great damage to liver cells, and frequent consumption of pickled vegetables can cause liver lesions.

Long-soaked fungus

Auricularia belongs to a kind of fungus with high nutritional value. It can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, nourish stomach and improve eyesight, nourish yin and blood, clear lung and moisten intestines, especially the plant alkaloids and fermentin , can promote the secretion of glands in the digestive tract and urinary tract, and can catalyze stones.

Before eating, you must first soak hair, and many people will Soak it one day in advance and eat it the next day, but if the soaking time exceeds two hours, it will easily produce rice yeast acid, which will also cause liver lesions.


Bracken is a wild vegetable. Some people are used to eating big fish and meat, so they choose to eat bracken, hoping to satisfy their appetite, but bracken contains the substance protobracken , Often eating bracken will also cause excessive intake of the original fern liver, which will cause the liver to become cancerous easily.


When the liver is not good, what abnormalities will appear in the body?

Pain in the liver area

Because the liver lacks pain-sensing nerves, many people usually do not notice it, but if there is pain in the liver area, it means that the liver disease is already serious. Moreover, if there is a tumor inside the liver, the liver capsule and organs around the liver will also be involved, which will easily cause pain.

Frequent diarrhea

I usually eat a healthy diet, but frequent diarrhea often occurs, which may be related to liver abnormalities, because food enters the body, The bile synthesized by the liver is used to promote digestion. If the liver is damaged, it will cause insufficient bile synthesis, which in turn will cause indigestion and diarrhea.

Scleral yellowing

The sclera is the white of the eyeball other than the black eyeball. Normally, it is white and clear. If the liver is damaged, the color of the sclera will appear dark yellow, because liver damage will cause biliary redness The toxin cannot be metabolized, and if it appears in the retina, it will cause yellowing of the sclera.


To maintain the liver, it is recommended to do these points

Reasonable diet< /strong>

A healthy diet has a positive effect on the health of the body. You should eat more light food at ordinary times to avoid Fat accumulation can also reduce the burden on the liver.

In order to maintain the liver, you can usually Eating more vegetables or fruits will help the liver clean up toxins and garbage, and it can also clean up excess lipids in the body and prevent the liver from accumulating too much fat.

Regular schedule

< p data-track="28">Now there are more and more entertainment items, so many people often stay up all night at night, but this habit is very harmful to the liver, because the liver needs to Repair, so you should work and rest regularly to ensure adequate sleep time.

Drink more water

Water is the source of life. Human life activities and normal functions cannot be separated from the participation of water. Drink plenty of water at ordinary times, which can replenish body fluids for the body , can also promote liver detoxification.