Can honey still be eaten after three years? Maybe many people think wrong, the doctor tells the truth

Introduction: For female friends, when it comes to health preservation, most of them will focus on diet therapy and tonic, and high nutrition and high Nutrients such as bird’s nest and honey with protein have also become the first choice for many female friends.

Some people always keep honey at home, but sometimes they forget to drink it, This results in the honey being kept in the house for a longer period of time.

Honey is It is made from nectar picked by bees and planted plants. It has been loved and favored by people since ancient times.It is also a very good natural nutritional food.

Sometimes it is easy to forget the cover after buying it. So many people have some doubts in their hearts, can honey still be eaten after three years? Perhaps many people are not very clear about it, so today I will take you to understand it together, maybe many people are wrong!

The nutritional value of honey

The nutritional value of honey is particularly high, which contains more than 180 kinds of nutrients< /strong>Every 100 grams of honey is rich in 3 grams of vitamin C. In addition to vitamin C, honey also contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients.

Such asVitamin B1, Vitamin 6, Vitamin B1, Vitamin E , vitamin PP, fructose, glucose, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients

in honey Vitamins mainly come from pollen, and a small amount comes from nectar. Although the content of various vitamins is not high, the combined effect is very beneficial to health.

Drinking honey water regularly, what benefits will the body gain?

clearing lung, moistening dryness and relieving cough

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, honey has very good medicinal value, which can achieve a good effect of clearing away heat, moistening dryness and relieving cough.

It is very easy to have non-cold cough in autumn and winter, span>If such a situation occurs, you can use honey to boil together with pear and loquat and take it for about three days.Cough and phlegm problems will be resolved can be effectively relieved.

Beauty and beauty< /p>

Honey can be said to be a very natural skin care product, because honey is rich in antioxidant substances.Drinking honey water often can provide nutrients to our skin.

It can also make the skin more elastic and smooth,< /span>It can bring a very good beauty effect.

Improve sleep

There are many nutrients in honey, such as vitamins, minerals and glucose trace elements.

Vitamin K in honey can help regulate the nervous systemIt can also effectively inhibit the excitability of the nervous system, achieve the effects of improving sleep, calming the nerves and helping sleep.

Promote digestion

< p data-track="23">In our daily life, if you have the problem of food accumulation or indigestion, you can also Improve digestion by drinking honey water.

This is because honey can promote gastric acid secretion, and It can effectively promote the peristalsis of the stomach, and it can bring about a good improvement and relief effect for the timely phenomenon after a big meal.

Is honey still edible after three years? Maybe many people are wrong, the doctor tells the truth

If the honey you buy is pure natural honey, without any artificial addition or processing , then the honey will generally not deteriorate after three years.

This is because the water content in pure natural honey is very low, while high in sugar, it also contains some nutrients that can inhibit the growth of bacteria.

In this state, it is difficult for bacteria to grow in honey, if The conditions of the bees are very good, and there will be almost no deterioration when stored.Even if they are stored for three years, they can continue to be eaten.

However, if the storage method of honey is not correct, such as being placed in a humid environment for a long time, or after long-term sun exposure, or if the seal is not in place, this Kinds of pure honey are also prone to spoilage problems.

In addition, if honey is added with sugar, food additives and other ingredients, save it in time< /span>, after the shelf life is exceeded, it is also prone to deterioration problems.

If honey comes into contact with other metal substances< span>, when encountering some iron substances, it will easily deteriorate, so this kind of honey is not suitable for continued consumption.

3 changes in expired honey that most people don’t know

Thin texture

When honey is not crystallized, it will appear as a thick liquid,If the texture of the honey becomes visibly thinner, the honey has gone bad.

This is mainly due to the fact that when the yeast in it reproduces in large quantities, it will consume part of the sugar in the honey, and at the same time, the yeast will easily decompose the sugar and produce a lot of water.Two aspects If combined, it will easily make the honey texture thinner.

A sour smell

Just now When you open the honey, if you smell the sour taste of the honey, in this case the honey is also spoiled, don’t eat it anymore, otherwise it will easily bring harm to your health.

A lot of foam

The invertase in honey will continue to work after the honey is separated from the hive, which means that there are a small amount of air bubbles in the honey, but if found There are a lot of air bubbles in honey,It is not a normal phenomenon.

This is carbon dioxide produced when yeast decomposes sugar in honey

span>If the honey is stored in a sealed plastic bottle, the bottle may even swell.

Honey Should it be taken in the morning or at night?

In fact, in terms of time, it is okay to drink honey no matter when, there is no need to drink honey A strict time limit, as long as everyone is not drinking honey on an empty stomach.

In the state of drinking honey on an empty stomach, It is easy to cause nausea, acid reflux, vomiting and other gastrointestinal reactions, so try to match some staple food before drinking honey, which can promote the absorption of carbohydrates and better healthy body.

Honey is good, but these people are not suitable


There are many types of honey on the market today, but in essence, the main honey The ingredients are still glucose and fructose.

These two sugars account for about 80%,< /span>And these two substances are monosaccharides, which are very easy to be absorbed by the body, resulting in a large increase in blood sugar in a short period of time, which is not conducive to personal health.

People who have finished eating tofu

It is not recommended to eat honey after eating tofu, because tofu is a cold food,sweet And salty, can bring the effect of clearing away heat and dissipating blood to the body.

but honey But it can nourish the body. If the two are eaten together, it will easily cause diarrhea and is not conducive to health care.

Infants under 1 year old

If some honey is not fully sterilized, it will easily cause botulism in children, So infants under one year old are not recommended to eat honey.

Conclusion: Generally speaking, drinking honey water properly can improve your health It brings certain benefits, but during the storage process, if you find that the honey has deteriorated, you must be willing to throw it away. Don’t think that this will not damage your body, otherwise it will easily harm your health if you continue to drink it. It’s not worth the candle.