Which hospital in Changsha is better for treating hemorrhoids? How to care for frequent bleeding of hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids is an anorectal disease unique to humans, and people of any age have a chance of suffering from hemorrhoids. Blood in the stool is one of its main symptoms. If you do not pay attention to daily care, it will lead to frequent bleeding of hemorrhoids, and the condition will aggravate accordingly. Today, let’s talk about how to care for frequent bleeding of hemorrhoids?

1. Adjust your diet

The diet should be light and easy to digest, eat more seasonal vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber and vitamins, pay attention to food hygiene, avoid spicy and irritating food, and stay away from greasy and heavy foods that can harm the yin and help the yang Food, such as mutton, dog meat, chicken, chili, mustard, pepper, etc.

2. Don’t hold back your stool

Try to develop a good habit of defecating in time, and do it once a day. Pay attention to whether the defecation is smooth, whether there is dry stool, diarrhea and difficulty in defecation, and adjust it in time if it occurs. Make sure you have enough water every day, eat more vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber, pay attention to food hygiene when you have diarrhea, take in a balanced nutrition, and drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.

3. Pay attention to anal hygiene

If the anus is kept in a wet state for a long time, a large number of bacteria and viruses will breed , causing hemorrhoids. To keep the anal area dry and clean, rinse with warm water in time after each bowel movement, which can clean up the remaining feces on the anus and prevent the growth of bacteria.

4. Maintain scientific and regular exercise

Proper exercise can not only provide power for the intestines and prevent constipation, but also It can also promote local blood circulation and reduce the chance of suffering from hemorrhoids. For people who have been sitting for a long time, they can usually do more levator ani exercises, that is, keep contracting the anus, which can make the blood circulation in the anus smoother, prevent the congestion and expansion of the hemorrhoidal veins, and prevent hemorrhoids.

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