Utilization of Disease-Resistant Varieties and Selection of Grape Seedling Varieties

What are the measures for planting grape seedlings to reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases?

Agricultural prevention and control is to create conditions that are conducive to crop growth and unfavorable for the survival of pests and diseases through planting techniques in agricultural production Natural conditions, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling pests and diseases. Recently, some netizens consulted agricultural help: What are the agricultural control techniques for grape seedling pests and diseases? What measures can be taken to reduce the occurrence of diseases and insect pests when planting grape seedlings?

One. Utilization of disease-resistant varieties and selection of grape seedling varieties

Utilization of resistant varieties. Selecting resistant species is an effective way to control pests and is a very cost-effective method. Due to the co-evolutionary relationship between host plants and pests in the long-term evolution process, some host plants have developed different degrees of resistance to certain pests and diseases. Therefore, it is easy and cost-effective to use pest-resistant species to prevent pests and diseases, especially for some diseases that are difficult to prevent, the control effect is more ideal.

Grape seedlings are perennial trees, and the selection of varieties is different from that of field crops. In grape seedlings, the application of pest-resistant species is the most important method, which needs to be selected when it is open. According to the climate of the area, the type of regional pests and diseases, select the type of soil, etc., conduct regional tests, and according to the results of the regional tests.