Whether it’s a couple or a lover, it’s really visionary to do it when the other person doesn’t contact you


Whether you are a couple or a lover, in fact, you need to keep a certain distance in many cases, but you also need to keep in touch with each other frequently. Communication, otherwise it will cause various things to happen, because some things in this world are not as simple as we think. If you do nothing and don’t think about it, you will lose contact after a long time.

Whether it is a couple or a lover, when the other party does not contact you, it is really visionary to do so.

01. Improve yourself

Whether you are a couple or a lover, if the other party does not contact you, you must improve yourself. Do everything well, and be prepared at the same time, because there must be a reason for the lack of time between each other, and maybe something will happen in the future.

In fact, if there is no contact with each other, there must be a reason. We can find shortcomings from it, but don’t rush to communicate with each other. We must think about it carefully, and don’t always think too complicatedly. For some things, if we think too complicatedly, it will make life difficult.

Whether it is a man or a woman, you can coax the other party when they are angry, but you must pay attention to your own identity. There are many things in life, we must think carefully, don’t always think too much, we need to know that everything happens for a reason, in this process, improving ourselves is the most important .

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02. Find a way out for yourself

Whether you are a husband or wife or a relative, when the other party does not contact you, we must find a way out for ourselves. We must know that when some things start to happen in life, others will put you to death , At this time, if you don’t have any preparations, your life will be very difficult in the future, so you must know how to survive.

Don’t think it will be all right after a while, in fact, we need to stay behind in many cases, I must understand this truth, because everyone in life is selfish Yes, in many cases, whether it is a relationship between husband and wife or a relationship between lovers, when there is no interest, or when related interests are involved, your feelings will not be taken into account.

Getting along with men and women, in fact, some things are not easy, so you must leave behind for yourself. In fact, we are not sure about many things in life, but we must face the reality, don’t always feel that life is very complicated, some things are like this, if you don’t know how to do it, you The days will only get harder and harder.


Satisfying your own various forms is mostly on your own, not on others. When the other party does not contact you, it means that the other party is already looking for a new home. At this time, you should be a visionary person , think about all aspects of yourself, you also need to find your own destination, don’t always feel that life is like this.