After the elderly reach the age of 60, they should eat less steamed buns and rice, and eat more 4 kinds, which is nutritious and healthy

I am Family Grocery. The whole day’s task is to go to the market, go shopping, go to the big fair, buy, buy, and buy for the whole family. During this period, I came into contact with all kinds of people and encountered all kinds of things. Although busy, but also learned a lot of knowledge. Especially when discussing with elderly friends, you can understand a lot of health preservation methods.

Today, I would like to share with you a topic: After the elderly reach the age of 60 , Eat less steamed buns and rice, eat more 4 kinds, nutritious and healthy. So, which 4 kinds? Then look down!

First, West Orchid

Broccoli as a green and healthy Vegetables, mild-tempered, relatively bland, most people can get benefits from eating broccoli.

Eat broccoli There are many methods. But no matter how you eat it, you have to blanch it first, that is, put the vegetables in boiling water for a while and then take them out. Then stir-fry, cold salad, soup, etc., the taste is very good.

Second, Apple


As the saying goes “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, it can be seen that the nutritional value of apples is very high. The elderly after the age of 60 must insist on eating an apple every day, which has obvious effects on lubricating the intestines.

Then you can cook the apples Eating, especially for elderly friends who are afraid of cold is the best choice. Some people also like to eat shredded apples, glazed apples, and apples mixed with sugar. Because these eating methods have high sugar content, the elderly after the age of 60 should not eat them more.

Third, eggs

As a cheap, nutritious and comprehensive food, eggs can be paired with other ingredients to create delicious food.

Some people say that if the elderly eat more eggs, their cholesterol will easily exceed the standard. On this point, it can only be said that there is a certain relationship. Many people with high cholesterol are not because they like to eat eggs.

There are many ways to eat eggs. To avoid the problem of high cholesterol, you can scramble eggs, drink egg soup, etc.The way to eat it is to eat it with vegetables, and the problem will naturally be solved.

Fourth, Oats

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The biggest advantage of oatmeal is that it is low in calories, which is good for weight control, so many people like to eat oatmeal. Especially oatmeal, etc., have a very large sales volume in the market, which is based on this reason.

Oatmeal has a better taste The method, that is fruit oat milk. The specific method is: put two spoonfuls of oatmeal in a bowl, heat water to soak it. Peel and slice bananas and dice apples. Add milk, bananas, apples, and raisins to the oatmeal and stir well. In addition, there are red dates, oatmeal, wolfberry porridge, milk oatmeal drink and other eating methods. Elderly friends can innovate various eating methods according to their personal preferences.

Okay, today about This is the end of the topic of “the elderly after the age of 60 should eat less steamed buns and rice, and eat more 4 kinds, so as to be nutritious and healthy”. In short, after a person is over 60 years old, the staple food should be reduced in an appropriate amount, and eating more green vegetables, low-sugar foods, and soups is very good for one’s health.