When women experience discomfort during menstruation, we recommend 4 methods, which may help you relieve them. Try it

For women, menstruation occurs every other month or so.

When menstruation occurs, the hormone level in the body will change abnormally, which will cause women to experience a series of discomfort, such as temperiness and irritability , Lower abdominal pain.

There are also some women who are accompanied by discomfort symptoms such as repeated headaches and chest pain, which seriously affect the lives and health of women.

So many women want to know how to relieve physical discomfort during menstruation.

1. Keep the body warm

During menstruation, if a woman experiences body cold phenomenon, or if you eat some cold food, it will affect the blood flow rate, resulting in poor menstrual blood flow, which will cause severe abdominal pain, waist pain and other symptoms.

So during the whole period of women’s menstruation, they must do a good job of keeping warm. In summer, you can’t stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, and don’t blow directly at the electric fan.


Second, dietary conditioning

When most women menstruate, they will experience decreased appetite, so they will choose Eat some stimulating food, such as eating a lot of chili, hoping to have an appetizing effect.

If you eat a lot of peppers or some other spicy food during menstruation, it will promote the expansion of blood vessels, thereby increasing the amount of menstrual blood, very It is easy to cause dizziness, palpitation, palpitations and other symptoms of anemia.

There will also be a severe lit reaction, leading to aggravation of some discomfort symptoms. Women should eat more warm, digestible and light foods, and eat more vegetables and fruits.

Third, soup conditioning

If a woman has severe abdominal pain during menstruation, Poor menstrual blood discharge, or blood clots in the blood, and cold hands and feet, you can use red dates and ginger with brown sugar strong>, boil some ginger water for drinking.

It can accelerate blood circulation and promote the discharge of menstrual blood, which has a better effect on improving the above symptoms.

If you experience dizziness, palpitation, shortness of breath, physical fatigue, etc., you can cook some Ginseng Chicken Soup to drink, which can supplement Qi and blood< /strong> and improve the above symptoms.

p0 >Fourth, drug adjustment

When severe dysmenorrhea occurs, you can take ibuprofen and diclofenac appropriately under the guidance of a doctor Sodium and other drugs can eliminate dysmenorrhea, and also have a certain relieving effect on nausea and vomiting.

In addition, you can also take some traditional Chinese medicine or Chinese patent medicine to make adjustments. For example, you can use Kudzu root boiled water instead of tea, which can relieve dysmenorrhea.

You can also take some Motherwort Granules, Tiaojing Huayu Pills or Xuefu Zhuyu Pills etc., which can regulate qi and relieve pain , and Warming meridians and removing blood stasis etc.

In a word, when women have menstruation and have some discomfort symptoms, they can be adjusted according to the above 4 points. In addition, don’t overwork, pay attention to work and rest, and have sufficient sleep time every day, You should also adjust your mentality.

And do some walking and other aerobic exercise properly, which can improve blood circulation and relieve some discomfort symptoms. However, if severe headache or abdominal pain occurs, should stay in bed properly.

For women with severe dysmenorrhea, they should go to the hospital for a series of examinations 5 days after menstruation ends, and take appropriate measures according to the cause Treatment is the best way to protect your health.