The liver is not good, the lips may release 4 kinds of signals, if you have, check the liver function in time

Contemporary people are under a lot of pressure in life, and many people have developed the habit of staying up late. In the past, going to bed after 9:30 was called going to bed late, but now it is normal to fall asleep at 1:00 am.

In fact, frequent staying up late can damage various organs of the human body, including damage to liver function, such as mild damage to liver function, damage to liver cells, elevated transaminases, etc., over time Symptoms of liver disease are manifested and four signals are released from the lips.


When you have these four conditions on your lips, you should be alert

1. Foaming at the corner of the mouth

Many people think that blisters at the corners of the mouth are caused by eating hot and dry food, and it will be fine if you eat lightly, but in fact, this may also be due to poor liver function, lower body immunity< /strong> embodiment.

It is normal for the corners of the mouth to grow blisters in autumn and winter, but those with liver deficiency and fire will have such symptoms for a long time;

Because their liver yin is deficient, yin is not Manipulating yang, leading to inflammation of deficiency fire, usually accompanied by symptoms such as dry mouth and tongue, five upset and hot, sleepless nights, you can eat more bitter melon, mung beans, etc. in daily life, and pay attention to regulating emotions.


3. Dry and peeling lips

The lips belong to the mucous membrane, no sweat glands and no oil secretion function, and autumn When the weather is dry, the lips are prone to dryness. Once you do not pay attention to the replenishment of water or lip care, there will be chapped lips, which is normal.

However, if the body hydration and lip care are in place, such symptoms still appear, and they persist for a long time, it is likely to be a distress signal from the liver, and its endotoxin is stagnant, regulating qi and blood due to impaired functionality of .

4. Black lips

There are many reasons for dark lips. If the lips are black or have black and purple spots, it is a lack of vitamins The performance of C; if there is melanin on the edge of the lips, it may be a problem with the digestive system or kidney function;

In addition, the heart and lung function disease may also cause the lips to become black, and the liver function is seriously damaged , the detoxification work of the liver is abnormal, which results in the accumulation of melanin in the human body, causing black lips, like patients with liver diseases such as hepatitis B;

Usually have this symptom, accompanied by Dark complexion, dark circles under the eyes, dry skin, gray hair, etc., are collectively referred to as liver disease face.

The liver is one of the important organs of the human body, so how to maintain the liver in daily life? Just develop the following three good habits.

1. Drinking tea regularly

Tea is a good thing. Many people don’t know that it has a certain effect on liver repair. It is rich in vitamins, theophylline, and tea Phenol, etc., can improve lipid metabolism, promote digestion, reduce the burden of liver metabolism,

can also eliminate deficiency fire in the liver, calm the irritable mood, and cultivate The habit of drinking tea for a long time is very good for the liver, especially for patients with fatty liver, you can drink more green tea, honeysuckle, chrysanthemum and other scented teas, red dates, and wolfberry health-preserving teas.

2. Regular exercise

Exercise can promote blood circulation, which is good for improving liver metabolism, and the body will become stronger and stronger .

Appropriate and moderate exercise can prevent the occurrence of liver diseases. Exercises such as Tai Chi and jogging are very suitable for daily exercise.

However, it should be noted that some people who do not exercise at first should gradually increase the amount of exercise when they start exercising.

3. Balanced diet

All diseases come from the mouth, and people with poor liver function usually have fine wine and fish. Too much will cause a great burden on the liver. The daily three meals a day should still mainly focus on balanced nutrition, and you must not eat big fish or meat.

In addition, eat more foods that are good for the liver, such as corn, mushrooms, etc. foods rich in vitamin B, kiwi, broccoli, etc. Foods rich in vitamin C . Avoid spicy and stimulating food, and eat high-fat and high-cholesterol food in a quantitative manner.

When the liver is not good, in addition to the lips can be seen, there will be obvious symptoms on the hands, such as brown lines growing on the nails, small blood stains and red spots between the base of the thumb and little finger and other abnormal conditions, it may also be that something is wrong with the liver.

To take good care of your liver, in addition to drinking tea, exercising and paying attention to your diet, you must also not stay up late, work and rest regularly, go to bed early and get up early , such good habits can escort the health of the liver.