When suffering from migraine, or related to these 4 incentives, after understanding, it is necessary to adjust in time

Migraines are a chronic disease that plagues many people, but suffers from the lack of effective medicines. Migraine is more common in women, especially after giving birth.

Most patients suffer from unbearable pain and vomiting as soon as they have a headache. Long-term migraine can also affect memory, and the damage to the brain is not small.

So if you’re dealing with migraines, finding the source of the headache is very important. There are 4 common causes of migraine headaches!

1. Genetic factors

reported It is said that genetic factors account for more than half of migraine patients. Family genetic factors should not be underestimated.

But heredity is not 100%. In addition to genetics, there are also family environment and eating habits, which all have a certain relationship with human health.

2. Endocrine factors

migraine Patients are more common in women, and more frequently occur during the menstrual period of women.

The body’s resistance decreases during menstruation, and hormone levels in the body change. Many women are prone to migraine headaches at this time due to a little lack of sleep or excessive use of the brain and other irregular work and rest. Menstrual migraine also troubles many female friends.

3. Dietary factors

Migraines It is also closely related to the usual diet, often eating some foods that are easy to stimulate the nerves, such as chocolate, coffee, strong tea and carbonated drinks.

There are also people who often smoke and drink alcohol, and are also prone to migraines. Therefore, migraine sufferers should learn more about these foods, eat less or not, smoke as little as possible, and drink alcohol in moderation.

4. Other factors

Now people The pace of life is fast, especially in some big cities, and the work pressure is high. If you are under high pressure for a long time, it is easy to cause high stress.

Long-term exposure to such an environment can lead to migraine headaches. There are also some people who have been in a state of emotional instability for a long time for various reasons. Often anxiety and insomnia can cause migraines. Therefore, many patients with depression have migraine symptoms.

There are also certain medications that can cause migraines, which require our usual attention.

What can help with migraine headaches

Migraines can be relieved by massage. During a migraine attack, try massaging the temples. Generally, when a headache occurs, the temple pressure is more painful than usual. Gently press and knead, you can also try to comb your hair with a comb, which can promote blood circulation and effectively relieve headaches.

Certain foods can also relieve migraines, and certain substances in green tea can relieve fatigue and purify the blood. Drink some green tea to relieve headaches.

In addition, the smell of certain fruits can also relieve headaches. For example, the well-known apple smell can relieve anxiety. It can also relax the muscles in various parts of the body, thereby relieving headaches.

Alternatively, meditation can relieve migraines. Meditation relaxes the brain and relieves tension in the head. Practicing yoga can promote blood circulation, relieve anxiety, and make people meditate.

With light music, the brain is relaxed, the mood is relieved, and the pain is also relieved.

The above shared several triggers of migraine. In addition to genetic factors, diet and other factors can try to avoid. Women should pay more attention to work and rest rules during their menstrual period;g>Eat a light diet, pay attention to the side effects of taking drugs regularly; usually pay attention to your physical and mental health, release stress for yourself in time, soothe your emotions, plus meditation and yoga, will be able to effectively relieve Troubled by migraine.