When nodules appear in the lungs, there may be 3 manifestations in the body, usually pay more attention to observation

The lung is not only the respiratory organ of the human body, but also an important hematopoietic organ, but at the same time, the lung is a relatively fragile body organ. Some daily living habits and external factors may cause greater damage to the lungs. In severe cases, it may also lead to lung lesions, of which pulmonary nodules are the most common.

Generally speaking, the occurrence of pulmonary nodules is mostly related to factors such as poor air quality and unhealthy diet. The incidence of pulmonary nodules in daily life is relatively high, but it is mostly benign. Patients only need to change their bad living and eating habits, and actively cooperate with treatment to control the disease. So, how do we judge whether there are nodules in the lungs in our daily life? In fact, in addition to the way of physical examination, we can also pay attention to observe our physical state. If the following three manifestations occur frequently, then we need to be more vigilant.

1. Cough with phlegm

We all know that when the human body has a cold and fever , is often accompanied by symptoms of coughing and sneezing, but these symptoms can often be relieved by taking cough medicines. Generally speaking, after taking medicines, the coughing phenomenon does not last for too long. On weekdays, if you find yourself coughing frequently and taking cough medicine at the same time cannot relieve it, you need to pay attention, because this is most likely the manifestation of nodules in the lungs.

2. Chest tightness and shortness of breath

The lung is an important respiratory organ in the human body. If it is too late, it is very likely to cause a decline in lung function, so that the lungs cannot function normally. For these friends, it is very likely that they will experience chest tightness and shortness of breath in daily life. In the face of this situation, we must not be careless. For friends with conditions, it is best to go to a regular hospital for examination in time to find out the cause.

3. Sleeping night sweats

For friends with lung nodules, whether it is winter or summer, it is easy to have night sweats when sleeping at night The phenomenon. You can pay attention to your sleep state on weekdays. If there is a problem of sleepless night sweats for no reason, then you need to consider whether it is caused by pulmonary nodules. If this phenomenon persists for a long time and has not been relieved, you should go to the hospital for examination in time, so as to receive treatment as soon as possible, so as to prevent the further deterioration of the disease.

For those with poor lung function, they must pay attention to the maintenance of the lungs in daily life. This requires us to develop good living habits in our daily life, and try to minimize the behaviors that are harmful to lung health, such as smoking, overwork, and anger. At the same time, everyone should learn to adjust their emotions on weekdays and try to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude. This will not only help promote blood circulation, but also make breathing easier. In the process, our lung capacity will also be improved. In addition, everyone should go outdoors to breathe fresh air more, which not only makes the body and mind happy, but also improves lung function to a certain extent, so that the lungs are healthier.