Among 100 smokers, how many people will die of lung cancer? Reminder: 3 abnormalities appear, it is time to quit smoking

It is said that smoking is an important cause of lung cancer, but some people don’t believe it, and they plausibly say that some people smoke a lifetime of smoking and still live well, and some people attribute lung cancer to quitting smoking. These phenomena are all It is a fluke mentality of many smokers.

Lung cancer is the most common cancer in my country, the incidence rate is increasing year by year, and the mortality rate is also very high.

85% of lung cancer deaths are related to smoking , whether it is young or old, it should be paid enough attention.

1. 80% of lung cancers are related to smoking. How much does tobacco affect the lungs?

According to some clinical data and analysis, 80% of lung cancers are related to smoking. On average, eight out of ten lung cancer patients are smokers. Long-term smokers have most lung cancers. All are black.

The blackening of the lungs is closely related to different degrees of lung diseases. The darker the lungs, the more serious the lung diseases are. Smoking, environmental pollution, kitchen fumes, decoration pollution, dust

strong>, etc. may cause the lungs to darken.

Generally, lung melanosis can be divided into three grades. The first grade refers to the lungs that are completely black like charcoal, and the second grade refers to the inelastic black mesh lungs. The phenomenon of slag will appear when the slag is dropped, and the third level refers to the lungs like black sesame seeds.

Black lung not only means unhealthy lungs, but may also lead to other diseases, even life-threatening, so it must be taken seriously.

Second, among 100 smokers, how many people will suffer from lung cancer?

They are also smokers. Some people can live to their 90s without any problems, while others suffer from lung diseases in their early 40s and 50s. How many smokers will develop lung cancer? If you smoke more than five cigarettes per day, the probability increases to 25%.

The sooner you quit smoking, the better. Although some people do not get lung cancer from smoking, it does not mean that everyone is so lucky. In addition to lung cancer, there are many diseases that kill people.

According to statistics, smokers have a 35% chance of dying from diseases caused by smoking at the age of 65, and smoking can reduce a person’s life expectancy by an average of 12 years.

Third, these three abnormalities in the body indicate that it is time to quit smoking

Health is everything The premise is that once the following abnormalities appear in the body, it may be a sign that it is time to quit smoking.

1. Chest tightness, chest pain

If you have mild chest tightness, chest pain at first, cough or worsening symptoms, be careful that it is caused by lung cancer Some patients may also experience persistent pain in the shoulders, chest and back.

2. Cough

Cough is one of the most common symptoms of lung cancer, if a long-term smoker has a persistent irritating cough, or is accompanied by Symptoms such as coughing up blood, be careful that it is caused by lung cancer.

3. Dyspnea

Ten percent of lung cancer patients have dyspnea, which may be caused by the tumor pressing on the bronchi or caused by diffusion.

It is recommended that high-risk groups such as those over the age of 50, who smoke a lot, or who work in an environment that may cause lung cancer for a long time have regular annual low-dose spiral CT screening for early detection and early treatment.

Smoking is an important cause of lung cancer. Long-term smoking can lead to blackening of the lungs, causing various lung diseases and even lung cancer.

People who smoke regularly are about fifty times more likely to die from lung cancer at the age of 75 than ordinary people. Therefore, people at high risk of lung cancer must be screened regularly.


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