When men age, the “lower body” may show flaws. If it doesn’t account for it, congratulations are still young

Aging is fair to everyone. As the “pillars” of the family, men are under greater pressure. If men do not know how to release stress, aging will be accelerated, and the performance of aging will be more obvious after about 40 years old.

When men really start to age, the “lower body” will also light up the signal light. Some people may think that simply having a few wrinkles is aging. In fact, when men really start to age, the symptoms are quite obvious.


What causes men to age?

1. Stay up late frequently

For men, staying up late for a long time and frequently may lead to bad complexion and affect the health of the body. The rest, leading to accelerated aging, because it will lead to gonadal hormone disorders. Staying up late also increases the risk of vascular disease and cancer.

2 , Kidney deficiency

For men, if kidney deficiency occurs, it may accelerate aging, which is divided into Deficiency of kidney qi, deficiency of kidney yin, deficiency of kidney yang and deficiency of kidney essence are closely related to prolonged illness, fatigue at work, excessive sexual intercourse, old age and infirmity, mainly leading to premature aging of appearance, soreness of waist and knees, and decreased sexual function , Physical fatigue, forgetfulness, bad mood, etc.

3. Improper diet

In life, many men always like to eat heavy-tasting food, such as fried food, pickled food and alcoholic beverages, which may cause internal environment Disorders can also increase the risk of chronic diseases and make it easier to accelerate the aging process. Therefore, it is very important to actively adjust your diet to reduce the intake of harmful substances as much as possible.


When men age, the “lower body” may show flaws, if not Congratulations, congratulations on being young

——urination changes, tends to become thinner and more Weakness

When aging comes, the functions of all aspects of the body will gradually weaken, and the functions of various organs will decline. It is easy to cause the urinary bladder to enter the aging stage, making people look older.

As the skin becomes looser and looser, the ability to control urine will gradually decrease, making it easier to produce urine, Causes frequent and urgent urination.

When a man urinates, if he finds that the urine becomes thinner and the urination is weak, it is likely to be closely related to prostate lesions Contact, please go to the hospital for relevant examinations as soon as possible.

—Unexplained edema of lower extremities

Lower extremity edema should be paid more attention to, because it is not an abnormal phenomenon, many women will have lower extremity edema. Pregnant women are more prone to edema, but after giving birth The situation will be alleviated.

Gradual decline in kidney function will lead to abnormal metabolism, and the signs of kidney aging will become more obvious. It is more likely to affect the normal water metabolism when the water is not discharged normally, and the lower limbs will be edematous.

Male 40 After the age, you should pay more attention to the maintenance of the kidneys. “The kidneys are the foundation of nature.” If the kidneys are not functioning properly, it will easily wear down the body. For men, the lack of kidney qi is more likely to make the mental state worse.

——lower limbs when walking Pain

When a man walks, he finds that his lower limbs are accompanied by pain, which is closely related to joint disease. He walks slowly and has severe pain in his ankles. This is one of the telltale signs of aging.

After the age of 40, joint and bone degenerative diseases, coupled with the impact of diseases such as arthritis or gout, will cause Local pain, inflexibility of legs and feet during walking.

Obvious lower extremity pain in men is closely related to osteoporosis, so men should reasonably supplement Calcium, if there is obvious pain in the lower limbs, you should also go to the hospital to check whether it is caused by blood vessel blockage.

——Practicing “husband and wife rituals” is affected

It is a normal physiological need for couples to have sex. However, after entering middle age, there is always a feeling that there is more energy than energy, and you should be more vigilant at this time, indicating that your kidney function has declined.

Men after the age of 40 will feel powerless in many things. At this time, don’t suspect that there is a problem with the body. Has entered the aging stage, when men enter the aging state, it will lead to insufficient kidney essence and kidney yang, and their physical fitness will become worse and worse.

Men entering the aging state will lead to insufficient kidney essence, and the lack of kidney yang is more likely to lead to worsening physical strength However, I hope that everyone can recuperate as soon as possible, which may be more helpful to improve physiological functions.

—legs Hair is no longer strong

Exuberant body hair in men is closely related to excessive androgen secretion in the body. As we grow older, not only the hair becomes thinner, but also the leg hair becomes less and less. This situation indicates that the body does not absorb enough nutrients, which not only affects the normal skin condition, but also causes skin abnormalities.

Androgen is very important for male friends, although some people do not have particularly strong leg hair when they are young, However, after entering middle age, the loss of leg hair is rare, which is an important manifestation of aging.

So in life, men must adjust their body hormones reasonably, which is helpful for maintaining the normal function of internal organs , It also helps to improve your complexion and keep you young and energetic.


How should men adjust their diet if they want to fight aging?


Men need to pay more attention to the three highs, once neglected, there may be big trouble. Antihypertensive drugs, I believe that many people will take some every day, considering whether the drugs are three-point poisonous, it is better to take less.

Eat some onions, you can absorb prostaglandin A, as a natural blood thinner, can dilate blood vessels, Reducing blood viscosity is very good for lowering blood pressure, increasing coronary blood flow, and preventing thrombosis.


In the rising period of the career, entertainment is often faced Things, but too much entertainment, the hidden dangers are not small, for example, drinking too much can damage the liver.

You can eat some broccoli, which enhances the detoxification ability of the liver and improves immunity. In addition, eating broccoli can absorb flavonoids, help men remove garbage in the blood, and is very good for lowering cholesterol and purifying blood vessels.

【3】 Oyster

Although he is forty years old, for some men, his career may have already Don’t worry about anything, just start thinking about having a baby. Of course, there are also some men who are thinking about having a second child when they are forty years old.

At this time, you might as well eat some raw oysters, which can absorb zinc ions. Among common foods, the Zinc ions are rich and can strengthen the body. Rich zinc ions can promote the development of reproductive organs and are also very helpful for fertility, making sperm more active.

【4】 Walnuts

For men, eating some nuts is very effective. For walnuts, walnuts are nutritious Rich, as a high-fiber, high-protein food, it can supplement the body’s needs. At the same time, men are prone to kidney deficiency, so eating walnuts to nourish the kidney has become a favorite thing for everyone to do, which in turn can promote fertility.

Work pressure and life pressure come one after another. Many men feel that the pressure is too much and they cannot sleep well. It is very common. If you want to calm your mind and help you sleep, you can eat some walnuts, which can absorb melatonin, make you fall into dreams faster, and let people get a good night’s sleep.


Honey is also good for men’s health care, more Most of the time, we think that honey is suitable for women, and men should eat more. This is because drinking honey water can better expel toxins from your body, and the increase in toxins will also make you feel bad.< /span>