When cancer comes, the body will “scream pain”! If you have pain in these 3 parts of the body, pay more attention

Uncle Li is in his early 70s this year. He is usually very strong. Two months ago, Uncle Li found that he was suffering from low back pain.

Unexpectedly, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The doctor said that Uncle Li’s low back pain was caused by tumor metastasis. Fortunately, the tumor was found in time and the tumor was relatively small. So it is not difficult to treat.

1. When the human body has cancer, why does it “pain”?

Cancer pain is a symptom of most cancer patients. According to statistics, 70% of advanced cancer patients will experience severe cancer pain. Why does cancer pain occur when cancer comes?

Different cancer patients have different cancer pains, most commonly colic, tingling, dull pain, distending pain and other symptoms. Medical grade 7 or above is considered severe pain, female childbirth is classified as grade 8 pain, and cancer pain reaches grade 10. Many patients express too much pain. There are actually many reasons for cancer pain:

  • tumor growth stimulates pain nerves;
  • tumors grow in Nerve trunk or compression to the trunk, nerve root, etc.;
  • cancer spreads, invading or destroying surrounding nerves;
  • Tumors in the intestine, esophagus, etc., grow in the lumen, causing obstruction of the lumen and causing cancer pain;
  • cancer cells rupture, causing infection and causing surrounding tissue Edema and necrosis;
  • cancer invades blood vessels, causing vascular obstruction and cancer pain symptoms.

2. Pain in 3 parts of the body, alert to cancer

After having cancer in the body, pain will appear in some parts of the body. If you find abnormal pain in the following parts, you should be alert to the signal that cancer is coming.

1.Shoulder pain

Bone metastases from cancer or superior pulmonary sulcus Cancer, pleural mesothelioma, etc., may induce shoulder pain symptoms, it is best to investigate and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

2. Low back pain

After the lung cancer reaches an advanced stage, bone metastases may occur. There are symptoms of low back pain, so long-term low back pain, be careful is the signal sent by lung cancer.

3. Headache

If you experience severe pain after strenuous exercise and defecation Headache, blurred vision, photophobia and other symptoms, be careful that intracranial aneurysm is at work.

Third, in the face of “cancer pain”, don’t be afraid to take painkillers

Cancer pain caused by cancer can be unbearable. However, many cancer patients worry that taking painkillers is not good for their health due to their lack of understanding of painkillers, and even have some misunderstandings in drug use.

1. Use analgesics only when the pain is severe

Use analgesics, It is to relieve the patient’s pain and improve the quality of life of the patient. It is not only used when the pain is severe. In fact, the use of drugs according to the doctor’s order is generally safe and effective. When the pain is not severe, the dose of the drug given by the doctor is relatively small.

2. Long-term use of opioid analgesics can lead to addiction

Research at home and abroad It was found that as long as the opioid analgesics are used in a standardized and rational manner, mental dependence generally does not occur.

When cancer comes, it will cause the patient to experience severe and unbearable cancer pain. Different parts of the cancer cause different parts of the cancer pain. Shoulder pain, headache, low back pain and other symptoms that persist unrelieved, be careful that cancer is at work.

When cancer pain comes, don’t be afraid to take painkillers. As long as you take the medicines according to the doctor’s instructions, there is generally no need to worry.

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