Air conditioning is expected to become a weapon against cancer? Fudan’s new research: low temperature may inhibit cancer cell growth

Blowing the air conditioner and entering the ICU?

Recently, Brother Yang, who was working in Guangzhou, was hurt by the air conditioner! During this period of time in Guangzhou, the high temperature continued, and what was even worse was that Brother Yang lived in a prefabricated house built on the construction site. Fortunately, it was equipped with air conditioning.

Every day, Big Brother Yang has to rely on the air conditioner to stay in the house, eat and sleep. Unexpectedly, after a few days of blowing, Big Brother Yang began to feel uncomfortable. He had a cough and sore throat. Although he looked like he had a cold, Big Brother Yang quickly passed out with a fever and a coma.

After being rushed to the hospital, Brother Yang was directly admitted to the ICU. The doctor found that it was Legionella strong>causedsevere pneumoniainflammation, and Legionella easily breeds in air conditioners, showers, water heaters, etc. that are humid and difficult to clean The place!

I didn’t expect that using air conditioners would have such a big health hazard. Air conditioning is the best weapon against the heat in the summer, and the latest research shows it even has the potential to help fight cancer, but be sure to use it carefully.

First, air conditioners fight cancer? New research from Fudan: low temperature may inhibit the growth of cancer cells

Recently, “Nature” published a study from Cell and Genetics, School of Basic Medicine, Fudan University Yang Yunlong, Department of Medicine and Collaborative research with researchers from Karolinska Institutet, Sweden,Long-term exposure to low temperature may inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

The researchers first implanted colorectal cancer in mice, and then placed the mice at 30°C and 4°C for 20 days. Finally, to observe the tumor development in mice, it was found that the tumor growth rate in mice at 4°C was 80% slower than that at 30°C, the survival period has been significantly prolonged.

To see if the same effect in humans, the researchers turned to Human experimentation. They first recruited 6 healthy volunteers and let them stay in the environment of 16℃ for 2~6 hours every day. The experiment was carried out in total 14 days. At the end of the 14 days, the researchers found that areas of brown fat were significantly activated in the subjects.

Brown fat is the “main force” of fat consumption in our body, which can rob the nutrients of cancer cells in the body, let the cancer cells Gradually apoptotic due to lack of nutrients.

In addition, a patient with preexisting lymphoma participated in the experiment, the patient was at 22℃ environment, the brown area fat in his body was also significantly activated, and the sugar intake of tumor cells was significantly reduced.

The question is, if cancer patients usually use air conditioners to control the temperature, can it also help fight cancer?

It is worth noting that this study is still in the preliminary stage. Whether it is effective for the human body requires in-depth research, and patients suffering from cancer must adhere to the current scientific and standardized treatment.

I believe everyone has heard the advice about turning on the air conditioner in life, and it is generally recommended The temperature of the air conditioner is turned on at 26 ℃, why is this?

Second, what is the best time to open the air conditioner? Why are 26°C recommended?

Before we understand this problem, we need to know the principle of air conditioning refrigeration. The air conditioner can turn the hot air in the house into cold air through the compressor and the indoor and outdoor circulation of the two devices, and finally pass the air deflector. to send cool air to every corner of the room. In layman’s terms, the air conditioner is the “porter” of heat.

Why is it recommended that the air conditioner be turned on at 26℃?

A room temperature of 26°C can generally make people feel comfortable and not prone to illness. If the temperature is adjusted too low, people will be less sensitive to heat. It is easy to have cold, dizziness and other uncomfortable symptoms, and some people even suffer from air conditioning disease because of this.

Another 26℃ can help save electricity, low carbon and energy saving, central air conditioning temperature Each 1℃ increase can save 20% a day , even a 1.5P household air conditioner can save about 4.5 kWh of electricity.

It is worth noting that for some older people, It is recommended to increase the temperature of the air conditioner on a daily basis. Because the elderly have a slow metabolismOr cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, the temperature is too low and the outdoor temperature difference is too large, once the environment is changed, it is easy to make the body suddenly cold and hot, and the risk of cardiovascular disease will increase, it is recommended that the temperature of the air conditioner for the elderly should be maintained at 28℃.

The weather this summer is very hot, and air conditioners have become a necessity in our lives. When using air conditioners, special attention should be paid to preventing air conditioner diseases.

Three, air-conditioning in summer, beware of air-conditioning disease

Strictly speaking, air-conditioning disease does not actually refer to a single disease, but It refers to a series of diseases that occur due to long-term air conditioning. These are very common.

1. Infection

The environment where air conditioners are used is generally airtight, and the Few people think of cleaning the air ducts and filters frequently, so they may breed harmful bacteria and viruses. When using the air conditioner to blow air, the bacteria may be scattered with the wind and cause human infection.

2. Facial paralysis

After blowing the air conditioner in summer, the face will be caused by the cold Increased muscle tension. Especially for some people who are also blowing air conditioners during sleep, the risk of facial cold will be higher. Once the facial muscles get cold, the space between the muscle fibers will be narrowed, which will easily cause pressure on the nerves and blood vessels, resulting in blocked facial blood circulation, which in turn causes Facial paralysis occurs.

3, rhinitis, pharyngitis< /p>

People who stay in air-conditioned rooms for a long time, the respiratory tract is particularly easily stimulated by cold air, and then the nose/pharynx will experience symptoms such as dryness, pain, congestion and dryness, which will induce rhinitis and pharyngitis. .

4. Colds

Some people who like to adjust the air conditioner temperature very low, The risk of catching a cold is increased by sudden cold and hot when entering and leaving an air-conditioned room.

For some people who need to stay in air-conditioned rooms for a long time, to prevent the occurrence of diseases, these things need to be done well.

Fourth, people who stay in air-conditioned rooms for a long time, do these points well

1. Control the temperature well, not too low< /span>

In order to avoid problems such as colds caused by the large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, it is recommended to set the temperature of the air conditioner to 26℃. Adjust the temperature a little higher as appropriate.

2. Pay attention to ventilation

Pay attention to opening windows in air-conditioned rooms every day For ventilation, it is recommended to turn off the air conditioner and open doors and windows for ventilation every 2 to 4 hours, and keep the ventilation time at 30 minutes each time.

3. Pay attention to hydration and nutrition

The air is relatively dry when the air conditioner is turned on. People who stay in the air-conditioned environment for a long time should pay attention to replenish water in time, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and supplement protein to enhance the body’s resistance. disease ability.

4. Pay attention to keep warm in key parts

It is recommended that the wind of the air conditioner face the top Blow, do not let the cold wind blow directly to the body, especially the knees, lower abdomen and waist and other places that are relatively sensitive to temperature, more attention should be paid.

5. If the conditions are suitable, clean the filter regularly

It is recommended to clean the air conditioner regularly. The inner filter is cleaned, and some dirt attached to it is removed in time, so as to avoid the cold air blowing out with some bacteria, which will affect human health.

The appearance of air conditioners plays a very important role in improving our quality of life, but There are also many things that need to be paid attention to when blowing air conditioners in daily life. You must pay attention to it every day, so as not to let air conditioners affect your health.


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