When a person reaches middle age, it is no longer a crisis, but a highlight, and the four abilities are at the peak of life

When people reach middle age, they are frustrated and unemployed one after another. Therefore, middle-aged people are often closely associated with “fat”, “greasy”, and “bald”. Some people always think that when a person reaches middle age, half of his life is over, and only the return date is left in this life.

< p data-track="2">In middle age, knowledge is still accumulating and growing, and experience is getting richer, but the physiological functions of the human body are declining unconsciously, physical strength is not as good as before, and memorizing things is always difficult I can’t remember anymore, and I’ve struggled a lot with my studies. It feels like everything is going downhill when I’m middle-aged.

Actually, it is an indisputable fact that the functions of various parts of the body gradually decline when people reach middle age. However, middle-aged people not only have crises, but also On the other hand, it also ushered in the highlight moment of life.

1. Strong ability to resist pressure:

When people reach middle age, they have experienced the ups and downs of life and tasted the ups and downs of life. At this time, the psychological maturity Undoubtedly at the highlight moment of life, middle-aged people avoid stress and deal with it more efficiently than other life stages. Middle-aged people know how to let their emotions avoid the hints of self-defeat, and instead treat life with purpose, focus, and efficiency. Therefore, middle-aged people can face the suffering of life calmly, draw lessons from the suffering, and move towards success.

Second, high thinking ability:

A person’s thinking ability is like a hillock , began to increase at the age of 20, reached a peak around the age of 40, and then maintained for nearly 20 years, and did not begin to decline until old age. Therefore, the planning ability, spatial perception ability, and mathematical ability of middle-aged people are superior to those of young people, and the verbal wisdom and reasoning ability of middle-aged people are at the peak of life. Therefore, most of the CEOs of major companies are middle-aged, which is a clear proof.

Third, good emotional stability:

In middle age, due to the There are many things, whether it is a frustrating thing or a happy thing, there will not be too much emotional fluctuation, a little bit of not being happy with things, not sad with oneself, and not surprised by favor or humiliation. Therefore, no matter when middle-aged people are sad, anxious or happy, they can adjust their state well to avoid the formation of bad psychology.

Fourth, rich experience, greater success in career:

When young, Doing things with passion is easy to be impulsive, easy to have no plan, easy to fish for three days and hang out on the net for two days, so it is more likely to fail; but when people reach middle age, their minds are mature, their emotions are stable, and they will also consider the consequences. Coupled with rich life experience, at this time, whether you start your own business or work for others, it is relatively easier to succeed.

Therefore, the argument of laughing at middle-aged people for no reason is untenable Feet, middle-aged people not only have crises, but also highlights!

Middle-aged people can’t just let it go, they must make continuous efforts for the life they want.