What’s with the itchy throat? Nausea and retching? This thing in life can cause chronic pharyngitis

“Mr. Shen Du, my throat is dry and itchy, and I feel nauseous and retching. What’s the matter?”

How can a healthy throat become inflamed? What are the triggering factors?

Shen Du Jun is a stubborn master. I want to clarify chronic pharyngitis, how can I not go to the pharynx? Get your gear, rough hair!

The pharynx refers to the cavity behind the oral cavity and nasal cavity, above the esophagus, and consists of the nasopharynx, oropharynx, and laryngopharynx strong>It consists of three parts.

Open your mouth, the throat area you see is the oropharynx, oropharynx The upper part that connects with the nasal cavity is the nasopharynx, and the lower part is the laryngopharynx.

gas passes through the nasal cavity, pharynx, trachea before entering the lungs;< /span>

Food passes through the mouth, pharynx, esophagus before entering the stomach.

The pharynx is the only way for gas and food to pass through, which is very important!

The pharynx consists of the pharyngeal wall and the cavity it encloses.

The pharyngeal wall is made up of mucosa and muscle.

Mucosa secretes mucus. Mucus has the effect of warming and humidifying on the air, which can reduce the irritation of dry and cold air to the pharynx.

The pharyngeal muscles can squeeze food into the esophagus by rhythmically contracting and relaxing while preventing Food reflux.

Abundant lymphoid tissue around the pharynx, such as tonsils, etc., making the pharynx an important place to resist the invasion of bacteria portal.

Inflammation of the throat, what will the world be like?

When acute pharyngitis recurs, or environmental factors cause chronic irritation to pharyngeal mucosa , chronic pharyngitis so came.

Chronic inflammation leads to pharyngeal mucosal hyperemia and edema, When mucus cannot be secreted normally, the symptoms of dry and itchy throat come.

Inflammatory factors stimulate the pharyngeal nerve, and the symptoms of pharyngeal burning and pain come.

mucous secretion reduced mucus flow The sex becomes poor, it cannot be discharged in time, and it is firmly attached to the back wall of the pharynx, and pharyngeal foreign body sensation comes.

The pharynx always wants to get rid of adhering secretions and can only clear it with coughing, so repeated swallowing or frequent coughing< /strong>Wait for symptoms to come.

Chronic inflammation also stimulates the sensory nerves in the pharynx, causing pharyngeal sensitivity . When the pharynx is irritated, such as when a toothbrush is touched, nausea, retching and other symptoms are prone to occur.

Who is responsible for chronic pharyngitis?

recurrent episodes of acute pharyngitis

acute pharyngitis, mainly Microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, among which virus infections are the most common, such as coxsackie virus, adenovirus, parainfluenza virus, etc.

If acute pharyngitis occurs repeatedly, a large number of inflammatory factors are released, which continuously stimulates the pharyngeal mucosa, and slowly develops into chronic pharyngitis.

proximal inflammatory stimulus

once the pathogen >Invasion of tissues around the pharynx such as nasal cavity and tonsils can easily lead to acute and chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis and other inflammatory diseases. span>

Inflammation spreads to pharynx and stimulates pharyngeal mucosa, resulting in chronic pharyngitis over time

bad habits< /p>

Smoking, alcoholism, and eating spicy food may irritate the pharyngeal mucosa and cause chronic pharyngitis< /strong>.

In addition, frequent loud speech, singing, etc., may lead to dry throat and pharyngeal mucosal congestion strong>and so on, it is also easy to cause chronic pharyngitis.

Environmental stimulus

Climate change, for example, in autumn and winter, when the air is dry, mucous secretion of the pharynx is reduced, and the mucosa is exposed to dry air, which is likely to cause mucosal damage and cause chronic pharyngitis.

Long-term exposure to dusty or toxic gas pollution environment may cause mucosal damage >, causing the pharyngeal wall drying and shrinking, resulting in chronic pharyngitis.

“Shen Read Jun, does a frequent sore throat mean chronic pharyngitis? What to do with chronic pharyngitis What kind of inspection? Can it be cured?”

For those dry goods about the prevention and treatment of chronic pharyngitis, Shen Du Jun has already prepared them. In the next episode, you are here, and the Lun family will tell you!

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