What’s the matter with men’s lower back pain after sex? These 5 real reasons are the key

Some people say that after sex, the body will feel very tired, especially the lower back pain. If this disease occurs, be sure to go to a regular hospital for examination and treatment according to the doctor’s instructions. This condition indicates a certain disease, specifically caused by the following 5 conditions!

1. Inflammation of the body

If sex is prolonged or frequent, the prostate gland will Excessive congestion, stimulates the lumbar nerve, and even leads to excessive movement of the waist, which eventually leads to low back pain. Low back pain from all of these conditions usually resolves over a period of time.

2. Excessive sex life

Strong sex life and frequent sex life can lead to low back pain, Because men need to use the waist excessively during sex, the waist muscles are tense and the waist muscles are sore. These patients should maintain a regular sex life and take care to avoid strenuous exercise, which can damage their health.

3. Interrupt sex

Many young couples use interruption of sex to avoid contraception. When the sexual life is about to reach orgasm, the sudden interruption of sexual life will cause the congestion of the reproductive system to not subside quickly, leaving the spinal cord and cerebral cortex in a state of high tension, which will inevitably lead to low back pain.

4. Low back disease

When men suffer from lumbar disc herniation, the Muscle strain can also lead to low back pain during sex, because pain occurs during sex. Such patients should go to the hospital for corresponding examination and treatment in time. You can also perform massage therapy. On weekdays, try not to maintain a fixed posture for a long time, nor bend over to work for a long time, and take a ten-minute break every hour.

5. Kidney deficiency

A man’s body is too weak, excessive sex life will lead to kidney deficiency, and eventually Cause low back pain, the patient should adjust qi and blood in time, control sex life, and pay more attention to rest.

Tips: The length of sex life should be determined according to the actual situation of both husband and wife. If you have low back pain after sex, don’t ignore it. We must go to the regular hospital for timely examination.

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