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I often get private messages from girls asking me if there is less hair below, is there a problem? First, the hair in the secret garden is less, divided into physiological and pathological < strong>Physiologicalis related to genetic factors, age, own hormone levels, and menopause. For example, girls before puberty and girls who have been menopausal for many years have little or no fur in the secret garden, and generally do not need special treatment. PathologicalFactors such as premature ovarian failure hormone decline, tumors, secret garden skin lesions and other factors may also cause hair loss and decrease. If you suddenly appear in a short period of time, and the hair in the secret garden has decreased significantly in a short period of time, you should come and see a doctor. Second, can you shave private hair? There is a situation where you have to shave! Many sisters shave their s hairs for good looks. Actually not necessary. Public hair has two major effects on women. Barrier protectionIt is a protective barrier for the perineal skin and a guard for the vagina, preventing external pathogens from entering through the vaginal opening . CushioningIt reduces impact and friction during sex. The hair has its meaning, and when shaving, it is easy to cause damage to the vulva skin, and the hair that just grows after shaving is very hard, stinging, and feels like sitting on pins and needles. So it is not recommended that you shave off all the hair in the secret garden. In order to look good in a bikini, it is okay to trim it properly. There is only one case where shaving is necessaryand that is when pubic lice are infested, in order to destroy the parasite The growing environment requires the pubic hair to be shaved. Third, is the whitening of private hair a sign of aging? Often and these three things are inseparable! In fact, common causes of whitening pubic hair include: 1. Physiological For example, postmenopausal sisters not only have less pubic hair, but also turn white. In addition, it is also related to heredity. This situation is the most common. No other discomfort to observe temporarily. 2. Vulvar skin lesionssuch as vulvar vitiligo and vulvar leukoplakia, these diseases destroy the melanocytes of local skin hair follicles, Causes hair to turn white. 3. Endocrine problemsFor example, patients with premature ovarian failure may also experience sparse and white pubic hair. If you find that your pubic hair has turned white, first look at your age, ask your family if there is a similar situation, and also pay attention to observe whether your local skin has any abnormal changes. If you also have amenorrhea and other conditions, be sure to see your doctor. References:

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