What you take off is not your hair, but your blood. It is given to you by a hair grower, please keep it

The ancients compared hair to three thousand trouble threads, and believed that hair loss could reduce many unnecessary troubles. However, it has now been reversed, and hair loss has become a major problem for modern people.

What exactly is hair loss? Let’s find the answer in ancient medical books.

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine says: “Women’s 57th Yangming pulse declines , the face starts to burn, and the hair starts to fall.”

The start of falling is The meaning of hair falling out, Yangming refers to the Stomach Meridian of Foot Yangming. We all know that the spleen and stomach are the source of qi and blood biochemistry. The central idea that this sentence wants to express is actually very simple, that is, the color and hair of people are related to blood.

“Surgical Authenticity” pointed out bluntly: “Blood deficiency cannot nourish the skin with Qi, so the hair roots are empty and fall off into pieces.”

“Surgical Authenticity” was written by Chen Shigong, a great doctor of the Ming Dynasty. In the book, he not only pointed out that the cause of hair loss was blood deficiency, but also gave The descendants left behind a precious party – God should raise Zhendan.

Shen Ying Yang Zhen Dan: 10 each of angelica, white peony root, chuanxiong, shudi, dodder, gastrodia elata, papaya, and qianghuo, decocted in water.

Angelica sinensis, Baishao, Chuanxiong, Shudi, the four herbs are all Experts in nourishing blood can always give people a feeling of deja vu when they are combined together. In fact, it is Siwutang. Siwutang is a famous blood tonic. Add bricks and mortar. As mentioned earlier, hair loss is due to blood deficiency, so the blood should be replenished by the four herbs first.

Doddertonifies the liver and kidney, and stores blood in the liver. The liver stores the remaining qi and blood that has not been dispatched from the body, which is specially designed to provide nutrition for hair growth. Or how to say it is more than blood. The liver belongs to wood in the five elements, and the kidney belongs to water.

Look at Qianghuo again, Qianghuo is good at walking on the coke, can go all the way to the top, and keep the qi and blood in it all the way up push. Everyone knows that hair loss may be related to blood deficiency, but after taking a lot of blood supplements, it doesn’t work. Modern people are always sitting for a long time, and their qi and blood themselves do not flow very much. Although there is Chuanxiong, the leader of the upward movement, in Siwu soup, the strength of Chuanxiong alone is not enough. After adding Qianghuo, it can help With the help of Chuanxiong, this matter is safe.

Gastrodia elata calms the liver and calms the wind, suppressing the wandering wind evil in the body.

Where does the wind come from? Blood is empty and wind is born.

This is like the sky When it doesn’t rain, the land is so dry that the trees can’t absorb the water, so it will dry up and lose their leaves. Without the moisturization of the rain, the wind will blow harder and more frequently. When the wind blows, the leaves will fall more. Fast?


Finally, there is only one medicine left, papaya. It is not the fruit papaya we usually eat, but the medicinal papaya cut into pieces in the pharmacy, which has the effect of dehumidification.

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We say that blood deficiency will lead to hair loss. If there are some other evil spirits at this time, such as wind Evil and wind evil have been controlled by Gastrodia elata. Another example is damp evil. Damp evil is a pathological product that cannot be absorbed and utilized by the body. It is like watering flowers with dishwashing water. There are a lot of chemicals in it, and the flower can’t stand it, and it will wither after a long time. The dampness will corrode the roots of the hair, and the hair will fall out.

This is Chen Shigong’s magical response Yangzhen Dan is suitable for hair loss caused by blood deficiency and wind-dryness. From the perspective of modern medicine, I Seborrheic alopecia and alopecia areata can be used together.

Okay, I will share it with you today, [remind everyone to find a professional doctor for dialectical conditioning and do not self-medicate]. If you have any questions, please leave a message in the comment area, I am @Traditional Chinese Medicine Teacher Wang talks about skin care , thank you for your attention.