What should I do if my uric acid is high?

Uric acid ↑

Some people find that “↑” appears next to uric acid during physical examination, and they will be very nervous, thinking that they have gout. As everyone knows, high uric acid does not mean gout. The concentration of uric acid in blood is related to purine metabolism in the body. The main reason for the increase of uric acid is less excretion, followed by more production. Serum uric acid >420ummol/L in men and postmenopausal women, and >360ummol/L in premenopausal women, is called hyperuricemia. Elevated blood uric acid is the material basis for gout, and it can only be called gout if it develops into inflammatory arthritis or tophi.

(Image source: Tencent Medical Dictionary)

So, what should I do if my blood uric acid is high? Here is a brief introduction to non-drug treatments:

1. In terms of diet, common foods with high purine content include animal offal, seafood, beer, etc.

Some soy products and vegetables also contain a lot of purines, but they are not dangerous and are not harmful to health. What we need is a balanced nutrition and eat less foods high in purines.

2. Drinking more water is the most important, simple and economical way to treat hyperuricemia.

As mentioned above, the main reason for the increase of blood uric acid is the reduction of excretion, and drinking more water can promote the excretion of uric acid from the urine and reduce the formation of stones. Drink more than 2000ml of water every day.

3. Strengthen exercise.

Exercise can reduce visceral fat production, lose weight, improve insulin resistance, improve the body’s metabolic capacity, and help prevent a variety of metabolic diseases including hyperuricemia. Appropriate exercise can relieve joint pain, strengthen muscles, and improve joints. It is recommended to carry out aerobic exercise of low intensity but not vigorous, generally 3 to 5 times a week, 30 minutes each time is appropriate.

After making the above lifestyle changes, if your uric acid level is still unsatisfactory, you should go to the hospital to find a professional doctor who will prescribe an oral uric acid lowering drug suitable for you according to your situation. drug. Never buy “magic medicine” on the Internet, so as not to be deceived. Spending money is trivial, and the damage done to the body is often irreparable.

In summary, high blood uric acid is not scary. The key is to respond with a healthy lifestyle and the guidance of professional doctors. Many patients with hyperuricemia are Gout will not develop for life.