What should I do about the induration of the buttocks? Chinese medicine packets can help you!

Chinese medicine packaging method has a history of more than 2,000 years in my country. “Zhen Zang Lun” says: “It may be swollen and painful, but when it is, it can be stabbed with decoction iron and fire moxibustion.” The traditional Chinese medicine encapsulation method is one of the external treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine, and has a good therapeutic effect on many diseases. The traditional Chinese medicine encapsulation method is to apply and bandage the heated medicine bag on the part of the human body or certain acupoints, so that the medicine and heat can penetrate into the meridian and blood vessels from the body surface at the same time to achieve a certain effect.

>What is TCM packet therapy?

Chinese medicine package treatment is to grind the required medicine into a special cloth bag and apply it. Sticking to the affected area, through the local penetration of the drug, it can reduce the swelling of venous diseases and lymphatic diseases in peripheral vascular diseases. The required drugs (such as borneol and other drugs) are ground into a special cloth bag and applied to the affected area. Through the local penetration of the drug, it can relieve swelling and pain in venous diseases and lymphatic diseases in peripheral vascular diseases. The effect is obvious and there are no side effects. It is called green therapy by patients. Traditional Chinese medicine encapsulation treatment is safe and convenient, and the curative effect is exact.

Western medicine generally uses drugs such as intravenous injection and oral diuretics to treat edema.

In clinical practice, the commonly used treatment methods for buttocks induration after progesterone injection are: topical application of potato chips, hot compresses of magnesium sulfate, local irradiation of infrared lamps, massage, etc. However, these methods can improve the induration of the buttocks. The effect is slow, and the patient still has problems such as obvious pain.

What is progesterone induration? Why is there progesterone induration?

Progesterone injection is cost-effective and convenient to operate. The drug concentration is relatively stable and is currently the most commonly used route of administration for luteal support after in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer (IVF). Because progesterone injection is an oily agent, the absorption is slow, and long-term intramuscular injection is likely to cause local induration, accompanied by adverse reactions such as redness, swelling, pain, and itching. Although proper heat compress and massage can effectively prevent progesterone induration, there are still many patients with progesterone induration due to various reasons.

Hip of patient after progesterone injection

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Ms. Chen used the package for seven days and the induration basically disappeared.

How to use traditional Chinese medicine packets:< /strong>

1. Steam the water for 3-5 minutes after the water is boiled. When the test temperature will not burn the skin, apply it directly to the induration; steam it with hot water for the first time on the same day, and then use it to wet the package with hot water. Apply directly to the induration.

2. Before using the medicine, test the temperature with the back of the hand to prevent the package from burning the skin.

3. The pack can be applied four hours after the progesterone injection.

4. It can be used repeatedly on the same day, dry it after use, and use it multiple times until it becomes lumpy and has no effect.

The more times you apply it every day, the more obvious the effect of eliminating induration.

Contraindications for the use of traditional Chinese medicine packets:

1. People with bleeding and ulceration of the skin;< /span>

2. People with allergic constitution.

Source: Traditional Chinese Medicine Nursing Compiled from Reproductive Center and Network of Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital

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