What kind of “manifestations” will the body have for people with poor “gallbladder”? I suggest everyone to understand

Introduction: According to relevant data, the prevalence of gallstones and chronic cholecystitis in my country can reach 15.9%. And the number of patients is more than 200 million, and the incidence of gallbladder polyps can reach 5.6%. Polyps, and this value is still rising.

The gallbladder is a very small organ in the digestive system, And it is like a very small “pocket organ”, which is of great significance to physical health.

At ordinary times, everyone must pay attention to protecting the gallbladder , If there is a problem with the gallbladder,The storage capacity of bile will also be greatly affected, which will affect the normal function of the digestive system and bring harm to health.

The anatomy and physiological function of the gallbladder

The gallbladder is connected to the liver,The length of the gallbladder is 5~8 cm, 3~5 cm wide, and the volume can reach about 30~60 ml.

presents a pear-shaped hollow organ,connected with the common bile duct The adjacent gallbladder has a Heister valve, which prevents gallstones from entering the common bile duct.

The many mucosa and mucosal folds in the gallbladder have the ability to concentrate and absorb bile,< strong>The function of the gallbladder is to participate in the digestion of food, and it mainly participates in the following forms:


Concentrated stored bile

Normal bile is continuously secreted by the liver,about 800~1200ml per day, and these Bile passes from the bile duct into the gallbladder.

The gallbladder can concentrate a large amount of bile 5~10 times, Then store it in the gallbladder with a capacity of about 50ml.

Excretion of bile< /p>

When the body eats, under the regulation of the nervous system and factors, through the contraction of gallbladder smooth muscle and the relaxation of oddis sphincter,Can regularly discharge bile into the duodenum.

The bile entering the intestinal tract will play a role at this time, span>One is to directly emulsify fat, the other is to remove toxins and their metabolites, the third is to stimulate intestinal peristalsis, the fourth is to inhibit the growth and reproduction of intestinal pathogenic bacteria and the formation of endotoxin, and the other is to It neutralizes stomach acid.

“Gallbladder” What “manifestations” will the body have of a bad person? I suggest everyone to find out

Pain often occurs in the right waist

People with bad gallbladder will easily I have pain symptoms in my right waist,This is a very common symptom.

Because of the gallbladder, it is easy to cause problems in the upper waist There is pain in this part,So if you have inexplicable low back pain, especially the right waist, you should pay more attention,In addition to being vigilant Whether it is a waist problem or not, we should also be alert to whether there is a gallbladder problem.

Jaundice< /p>

If everyone’s skin becomes sallow, and even the eyes appear white, the stool is still grayish white At this time, it basically means that there is a problem with the gallbladder, resulting in jaundice.

Abdominal discomfort after eating

When there is a problem with the gallbladder, it will be easy If there is obvious abdominal discomfort after eating, especially if you are full,It will make the abdominal discomfort more obvious.

This problem is also caused by gallbladder problemsSo everyone should pay more attention when eating. If you have obvious abdominal discomfort after eating,In addition to being vigilant whether it is In addition to gastrointestinal problems, we should also check whether it is a gallbladder problem.

< strong>Diarrhea after eating greasy food

If you eat greasy food Diarrhea always occurs when eating, and Young also became angry at this time, which is likely to be a problem with the gallbladder.

This is mainly due to the damage of the gallbladder leading to less bile for digestion , which will cause the fat in the food in the stomach to be unable to be digested normally, so it will be prone to diarrhea when eating greasy food.

Why is the gallbladder prone to problems? Or it is related to these 3 reasons.

Wrong dietary structure

Many people especially like to eat some heavy-tasting foods, such as barbecue, high-salt food, high-fat food, etc. .

These foods contain a lot of fat and cholesterolOnce a large amount enters people’s body, it will affect the balance of bile acid, cholesterol, lecithin and calcium salt, and will easily cause gallstones in people .

Life is stressful

People often say “bold, timid as a mouse”In fact, the gallbladder It also has a lot to do with our spirit.

People with too much stress and mental stress in their daily lives, also Problems with the gallbladder and the like are prone to occur.

Three highs and obesity

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people’s diet has become more and more rich, Obesity and three high problems are also becoming more and more. Obesity and the three high problems are also an important cause of damage to the gallbladder.

what Can the gallbladder be found in the examination?

Through the above content, we can clearly find out whether the gallbladder is good.It mainly depends on the contraction of the gallbladder How is the function.

If the contraction of the gallbladder is normal, Then the function of the gallbladder is naturally very good.

The inspection method is also very simple< span>, in fact, ultrasound examination can be used to judge whether the gallbladder is good or bad.

The volume of the gallbladder is normal if it is on an empty stomach; it will be discharged after eating a fatty mealIf the obvious gallbladder shrinks after bile, it means that your gallbladder function is very normal.

Can cholecystitis drink milk?

For patients with cholecystitis, they can drink milk properly, but not a large amount at one time Milk, to avoid common bile duct pain problems.

In addition to drinking milk,Also Try to eat less high-cholesterol foods such as animal liver, egg yolk, seafood, and squid.

In a normal diet, one is likely to cause severe gallbladder pain, and the other is It will easily lead to the establishment of gallstones and cysts in the gallbladder.

People with bad gallbladder, how to regulate the body?

Eat more green vegetables

Green vegetables are rich in dietary fiber,This substance can effectively promote the excretion of bile acids and reduce the occurrence of gallbladder problems.

Loss weight, especially abdominal circumference

Abdominal obesity occursCholelithiasis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, etc. Metabolic disease is even more problematic.

So if you want better gallbladder health care, you should focus on losing weight in your daily life,< strong>It is especially necessary to reduce the waist circumference so as to protect the liver and gallbladder.

< strong>Relieve stress

We mentioned stress in the above content It is also easy to cause gallbladder problems, so if you unfortunately have gallbladder disease, you should relieve stress, relieve your mood, go out for more activities and communicate with others, this can help enhance gallbladder function .

Conclusion: The above symptoms are related to the poor gallbladder in the body, so When you have these symptoms, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible to see if you have any gallbladder problems. Only in this way can you discover the problem earlier, achieve early detection and treatment, and avoid affecting other organs.