What is the right age to start having sex?


Health gentleman, I Recently, I saw a video that shattered my three views. There was a boy who was only 16 years old. He had two girlfriends at the same time. One broke up with him, and the other wanted to “sleep” with him, and then he was rejected when he went to the hotel…

Well, why are children so open now? ? ? Is it really harmless to start having sex at such a young age? At what age is it appropriate to start having sex (a question from an older single male youth)

Actually, it is more scientific to start having sex at what age, and there is no exact number.

But if from physiological In terms of development, the vast majority of teenagers in our country before the age of 18 are in the stage of developing and incomplete development.

In many people’s In understanding, as long as the secondary sexual characteristics of men and women develop, that is, boys have nocturnal emission, and girls can have sex after they come to the “big aunt”. So in the ignorance, I hurriedly started the first time.

In fact, There is still a period of time between the development and maturity of secondary sexual characteristics. If the forbidden fruit is tasted early when the development is not complete, the damage to the body will undoubtedly be doubled.

However, this does not It doesn’t mean that when you are an adult, you can “do whatever you want” after the age of 18.

Because some people though Physiologically mature, but psychologically far from mature, and simply incapable of taking responsibility for one’s own body and behavior (such as the example you mentioned).

“Two boats with one foot” is even more immoral and undesirable behavior in relationships.

After all, “for “Love applause” brings more than just a momentary pleasure,It may also be an unexpected pregnancy that makes people unprepared.

Therefore, to judge whether sex life is premature, in addition to looking at the physical age, you must also consider whether you are ready and whether you can bear a series of unexpected consequences.

If the answer is both Negative, then IMHO, it is (too) early, please start cautiously.

Because of sex Early, it will lead to female gynecological diseases earlier, but also increase the incidence of cervical cancer, and the younger the age of first sexual life, the greater the risk of cervical cancer.

For men The impact is not greater than that of women, but it is also harmful. For example, the early induction of prostatitis, scrotal itching and other male diseases, as well as the unsmooth sex life caused by young and inexperienced, can easily lead to psychological disorders in men and affect their future married life.

If the answer is both For sure, that is, the body is very mature, the knowledge is also very rich, and I know myself very well, but I don’t have a girlfriend…

Then I have nothing to say, I can only give you… one object