What is the purpose of life

In this lifetime, we come naked and leave empty-handed, whether you are wealthy or poor, whether you are rich or powerful, after a hundred years , everything is a cloud.

What is the purpose of being alive? We work hard every day, we work hard and work hard, just to live a happy life.

Living in the world, what people seek is peace of mind, The picture is to live happily and happily, don’t compare, don’t envy others, you stand on the bridge to see the scenery, and the people watching the scenery are looking at you upstairs.

When people live, nothing goes as they wish, everything goes according to their wishes , helplessness, is the real life.

There are ups and downs in life, don’t worry about gains and losses, accept the good and the bad, and live healthy, safe and happy for nothing else Just being alive is enough!

01. Don’t fight for the name, feel at ease< /strong>

Mountains do not compete for heights and call themselves peaks. Good things become the sea.

When people are young, they always save face and like Struggle for false fame, work hard for false fame, make yourself unhappy, and make yourself feel wronged and tired for the so-called face.

After experiencing the world, I slowly see myself clearly , Understand that people live in the world, face and false name are just floating clouds, and then they know how to look down on things.

Living in the world, people should not fight or complain, No longer excessively chasing fame and gain, but calm and calm, pursuing a simple and happy life of inner peace of mind.

Contemporary university scholar Qian Zhongshu, indifferent to fame and fortune all his life, Willing to be lonely.

He declined all news media interviews, CCTV ” The reporter of the “Son of the East” column tried every means to break through Qian Zhongshu’s defense.

In the end, I regret to announce to the national audience: Qian Zhong Mr. Shu resolutely refuses to be interviewed, we can only respect his opinion.

In the 1980s, the famous Princeton University in the United States invited Qian Zhongshu went to give lectures.

Only 40 minutes of lectures by Qian Zhongshu every week , a total of only 12 lectures, a reward of 160,000 US dollars, full board and lodging, you can take your wife with you, the treatment is so generous, but Mr. Qian Zhongshu still refused.

People are alive, what is there to argue about?

Fame and profit, a hundred years later, life will not bring , If you don’t take it with you if you die, you will only get tired and tired if you fight back and forth.

For the sake of face, humble to please, lower yourself to cater to others , Why bother to fight and let yourself live in trouble?

When people live to a certain age, stop fighting for fame Li, the inner life is true, leisurely, read more positive energy articles when you have time, fill your own spiritual world, and cultivate your body and mind. People are happy to live a leisurely life.

Seeing through the world and the world, there is no wave in the heart, no need to flatter Flattery, there is no need to be humble to please, to be more calm, to stay away from right and wrong, not to fight or complain, is the best choice to live.

02, not greedy Please, happy pictures

When people are alive, it is inevitable that they will have desires and greed, but if they blindly seek and do not know how to control their desires, they will only make their lives uneasy and have no happiness at all.

Comparing with others, for luxury cars and mansions, no desire There are more comparisons, and more greed. At this time, I can’t satisfy my ambitions and desires, and I will only keep resentment.

After going through the barren years, I slowly understand that it turns out In this life, what is the purpose of living.

To live a healthy, safe, happy life is the best.

In fact, no matter how big the house is, it is just a rest No matter how expensive a car is, it is just a means of transportation.

The most precious thing in a person’s life is actually Contentment and happiness, a happy and happy life.

When people are alive, don’t be greedy too much, this I want it too, I want that too, but in the end, my hands are empty. The more I desire and dissatisfy, the more troubled and depressed I am, and I feel unhappy all day long.

As everyone knows, life is like addition and subtraction. One day less, the more dissatisfied and unhappy we are, which is undoubtedly a disappointment for our life.

One lives a lifetime, don’t be greedy too much, Comparing with others will only annoy yourself, the more you compare, the more serious you will be, and you will eventually fall into the cage of desire and greed, and you will only pass by a happy life when you live a life of exhaustion.

03. Follow fate and cherish life< /strong>

In this life, what is the purpose of living ?

Life is just for peace of mind, a happy life.

This life is only for once, not for Money and wealth, not for caravan, not for fame and gain, just seeking to let the people you love and those who love you live a good life within your own ability is the most successful way of living, not asking what others think, but Please enjoy this life to the fullest.

In this lifetime, we must know how to cherish the present life , Don’t be depressed because of the gains and losses of a city and a pool.

Some things belong to you and are ultimately yours , does not belong to you, you will leave if you force it.

We are always troubled and depressed because of missing, when you When you complain about loss, you will lose even more.

Sometimes there must be fate, but there is no time for fate Don’t force, let everything come naturally, don’t be serious, don’t be greedy, don’t complain, don’t fight, treat your own life with heart, take gains and losses lightly, cherish what you have, this is the highest praise to life, and the true meaning of your own life Does not disappoint.